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Not the post you were looking for

Man, there's like no fiction getting posted here recently. Sorry.

I return! *bows* Well, technically I returned yesterday, but there's always stuff to catch up on after being away so I was kind of busy. Also, I hadn't checked LJ or my email since last Monday, so I had a lot of backlog to go through. *grins*

My convention was very good! A little colder than I would have liked as there's walking both from the hotel to the convention and from one part of the convention to another (it takes up half of a convention centre and public rooms in three different hotels), but there was no rain which I count as a win. Our costumes turned out well, although we were totally working on them right up until the moment we left the hotel, which is always a bummer. So many little details that take four million times longer than you expect them to. I do not have pictures yet because I was not the person whose camera was used, but I shall try to post some on the weekend.

And I have nothing else to say!
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