It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

*dies and is dead*

I have now officially survived my first (most of a) year as a high school teacher! *applause* The last three weeks have sucked SO hard, oh my god. It's a good thing that I love the teaching, because the marking for high school English courses has nothing whatsoever to recommend it. MARKING IS THE DEVIL. FOR SERIOUS.

But now I am on summer vacation! Which is also known as unemployment since I was covering a maternity leave and have absolutely nothing lined up for next year, but I absolutely do not need to care about that for at least a month. I shall be applying to stuff as it comes and I shall worry about that shit after I've had a break and caught up on all the stuff which I haven't been doing.

For instance! I have masses of absolutely lovely comments to respond to (I haven't been ignoring you, I swear), my most recent J2 story to crosspost, two anon Sherlock stories to post, all the bigbang stories that I have saved to read and the challenge of turning my bigbang disaster draft into a real story to get started on. I may also do a prompts request sometime in the next little while, though, because I have done almost no writing this year and I miss it. Y'all will help me out, I hope. :)

Now I am off to a birthday party and tomorrow I am going to World Pride with a friend and THEN on Monday I am getting on to LJ stuffs. Huzzah!

TL;DR Fuck yeah, summer vacation!
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