It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

insert Master PlanTM here

Ok, so since I am generally insane and suffer far too much from shiny object syndrome, I have decided to prioritize the next few pieces I will be working on (in the interests of actually working on them without getting distracted by rogue plot bunnies).

To that end! Here is a list of the five (5) pieces I want completed and posted BEFORE the end of the year!

Yuletide 2007 Story - due Dec 20 - Done and done with three extra mini fics thrown in!
Happy for goddessneptune  because, really, I told her I'd do it like a year ago *sigh*
Next part of Wild Ones
Sequel to Over Drinks
Bijou AU for laylah 

...and if I get those done, it's more Wild Ones and my next Turk-fic for IJ's roads_diverged

Now let's hope that this actually helps! :{

EDIT: And I should totally be able to finish at least one of my 30_kisses claims by then too. I've had them WAY too long!

EDIT THE SECOND: ...well that totally didn't work. *sigh* Nothing like being organized, is there? Let's see how many of these things get finished in 2008.
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