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titles are hard meme

I feel like writing today! Help a sister out?

This is called the 'Because Titles Are Hard' comment fic meme because, well, titles are hard. I'm going to use the songs on my computer to steal generate titles for each of the fics you guys prompt me for. Each fic will have something to do with the title of the song that gets chosen. Expect a bunch of AUs and possibly some timestamps, depending on what titles come up.

Want to play? Give me:
- A number between 1 and 4405 (to choose a song off my iTunes list)
- A character of your choice

As long as their fandom shows up on my Master List, any character is fair game (with the exception of new canon characters on Supernatural because I've bloody given up, and Teen Wolf because I've only seen, like, two episodes). If you're jonesing for Doctor Who, I'm familiar with both Classic and NuWho characters.

Yes, more than one person can choose the same character.

My music is organized by album title, so fair warning that you're likely to get Christmas music if you pick a number in the 'C' section.

I'll keep playing probably all week, or until I no longer have any requests. Anyone else who wants to give this meme a try on their own journal is more than welcome to join in! Here's the banner, if you want it:

Ae Fond Kiss - Dean Winchester
Tags: champion procrastinator, meme
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