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Yuletide Santa Letter

Dear Yuletide Santa,

First of all - thank you for being you and for participating in this challenge! I hope that you'll have as much fun working on my piece as I will looking forward to it. I hope one of my prompts is inspiring to you!

I requested these characters because I love them all and I want to see them be their awesome selves. I'm a sucker for banter, affection of all sorts, extraordinary characters in ordinary situations, competency, cleverness, humour, bravery and overcoming the odds. One of my guilty pleasures is seeing my favourite characters get into trouble and either a) rescuing themselves or b) getting rescued by a friend/lover who's willing to move Heaven and Earth to get them back.

I'm a sucker for happy endings, but more in the sense that I like to see my characters at least ambiguously well-off rather than yearning desperately for fluff. I realize that a couple of my prompts could lend themselves towards something rather darker, so if you want to take your story in that direction that's totally awesome. A mood that's appropriate to the story you're telling is the best thing in my opinion, so don't be afraid to include whatever you believe is most true to the characters. I'm not a fan of extreme OOCness or deathfic.

My prompts hopefully give you plenty to work with, but in case you're looking for more info about what I love about these fandoms:

Back to the Future (movies)
Mostly, I just want to see Doc and Marty having more awesome time-travel adventures. Gen, canon het pairings or Doc/Marty

I recently rewatched the BTTF movies and fell in love with them all over again. My favourite thing is the friendship between Doc and Marty, and how effortlessly they fit together. Marty's unquestioning faith in, and support of, Doc never fails to amaze and delight me, and I love the times when Doc slows himself down enough to be there when Marty needs his support. I wonder sometimes if they realize quite how lucky they are to have each other, even (especially?) when it leads to temporary disaster. I love the cleverness of the way the movies mess with the ramifications of time travel in your own timestream (although it would also be cool to see them going to a time and place where that wasn't a concern). I'm also familiar with the plot of the 2010 game if you want to play with that canon as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed (manga)
I'd love to see another face off between Shima and Kyo, particularly one that addresses the painfully obvious UST (or platonic soulmate vibe, if you're not a shipper) between Shima and Kaori, and Kyo's resistance to the idea. Slash, pre-slash or gen

Sometimes, I think I like this manga more for the potential it had than how it actually turned out, but I do enjoy the characters and the way that Shima and Kaori always have each other's backs. I wish that Shima had more opportunities to show off just how smart, adaptable and generally badass he is, rather than constantly getting relegated to comic relief while everyone else does the heavy lifting. Shima's definitely the type to keep fighting even when he's at someone else's mercy (unless there's fire involved), and I really admire that determination of his. Crossdressing Shima is always fun too, especially since it shows just how dedicated he is to his job and makes it easy to underestimate him (also, he usually makes a pretty convincing girl).

Sword Art Online: Abridged (anime/ webseries)
The world needs more of Kirito being his sarcastic, obnoxious self and everybody else being in reluctant awe of both his abilities and the shit that comes out of his mouth. Gen or Kirito/Asuna

You know that a parody group is doing something right when SAO: Abridged's plot and character arcs are a million times better than those of the actual show. This series makes me cry with laughter, it's just so snappy and snarky. I'd probably want to kill Kirito if I met him in real life, but I utterly adore watching him cut people down with his sharp wit (and then sometimes also with his sharp swords). I'm also really impressed with the development of his character as a result of the PTSD caused by Sachi's death and the people he gradually lets get closer to him.
(Also, if you didn't get matched because of this one, I highly recommend you watch it. It's 11 episodes long and takes not quite four hours to watch the whole thing. SO GOOD).

Kino's Journey/ Kino no Tabi
I'd love to see any of the other countries that Kino has visited during her travels. Gen preferred

I love how finely this series skirts the line between Kino's observer role and developing empathy for the peoples and situations she and Hermes encounter. I admire Kino's sheer bad-assery and effortless ability to see straight into the heart of a matter and I don't even care how much sense a talking motorrad doesn't make, Hermes is a great foil to Kino. I also really enjoy the deceptive simplicity of the countries Kino visits, and the great skill with which they exaggerate a real issue to the point that it becomes ridiculous and, in doing so, emphasize the faults in our own society.

I hope all that was helpful! You're welcome to poke round my LJ/DW if you want any more ideas about what I like and etc.

Thank you, thank you! I hope you have fun! :)

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