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And now for something completely different

Happy 2018 everyone!

Today is the last day of my Christmas vacation (boo!), so I wanted to take a moment to touch base before exams and semester two begin.

First of all, thank you to honscot and deanshot for the lovely Christmas cards. I am sorry that I was too much of a failure to send out cards this year, folks. orz Next year for sure!

Thanks also to enablelove, amypond45, madebyme_x and dugindeep for the birthday wishes; they really brightened my day. :)


In the world of fandom, dancing_adrift and I posted our collab for spn_reversebang at the end of November.

Desperately Seeking Someone
Summary: After the dramatic implosion of yet another relationship, Jensen is ready to swear off love forever. Instead, he ends up trying to find a new boyfriend with what is perhaps the most unorthodox method known to man. He’ll never live it down if it actually works.

As it turns out, Fate has a funny way of showing him that what he thought he'd been missing all along… isn't quite what he expected.
Read the story at: LJ | AO3 | DW
See the art at: DW

I... have yet to respond to any comments, because December was madness and I'm a failure, but I shall do so soon!


I participated in the Yuletide rare fandom challenge this year for the first time in... a while. My offering for Yuletide this year ended up being nearly 12k of gen time travel shenanigans for Back to the Future, which is exactly what I had hoped I would get to write, so I really enjoyed it. And I got to learn all about the Chicago World's Fair in the process, which is amazing and insane. Like most of history.

Definitely not my usual wheelhouse, but please do give it a try if you're interested!

Title: No Little Plans
Fandom: Back to the Future
Characters: Marty, Doc, Einstein (gen)
Length: 11,781 words
Warnings: some brief mortal peril
Rating: PG

Summary: In which Doc plans a road trip, Marty finds himself in mortal peril, and they'd both be completely doomed without Einstein there to keep things running smoothly.

Read it on AO3


I also received TWO lovely gifts from amazingly talented authors!

make a bad one good (make a wrong one right) by glasskites (Back to the Future)
It's Marty and Jennifer's wedding day; Doc is late and Marty is worried. Awwwww *rolls in the bittersweetness* This story cleverly combines real history with the kind of revisionist history that's only possible with a time-travelling DeLorean. It also gets neatly to the heart of Doc and Marty's friendship, which is my favourite thing always.

Land of Bells -A Cold Winter Night- by FireEye (Kino no Tabi/ Kino's Journey)
Oh gosh, this is beautifully written. It reminds me so much of the anime and does a fantastic job of turning Christmas into a weird tradition that seems nice but exhausting to outsiders. This one has the relationship between Kino and Hermes perfectly, and conveys so much in what is not really a lot of words.


And that's about it from me! How is everyone else doing?
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