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Con report and a ficbit

Have slept and eaten enough to make up for the weekend, so here's a quick con report!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous (19-23 all weekend and sunny!) which is very unusual for AniNorth. Made my costume rather overwarm (vinyl over vinyl over cotton), but as my sis was in... considerably less, I'm happier that the weather was nice.

Been too lazy to upload my pics thus far, but I found some other people's in the massive deluge of stuff on

Weapons only came on Saturday after I kinda broke my Zodiac Spear (some ultimate weapon *sigh*), but they still looked pretty damn good the rest of the time anyway I think.

I got some nice swag including but not limited to; a Reno 'action figure,' an art book for Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura, a make-your-own UFO doll that I'm still working on and an excessive amount of gorgeous prints out of the artist's alley. *sparkles* I also got a few cosplay photos of my own which include, among others, a disco-posed Junpei who was absolutely brilliant. :)

And because I am nuts, have a con-inspired ficbit! (FFVII - 500ish words)

Sephiroth feels decidedly conspicuous as he gathers up the identifying badge the civilian behind the desk hands him and makes his way inside, the voluminous red shoulder cloak of the ‘costume’ Zack gave him fluttering with every step. Eyes follow him with varying degrees of interest as he walks and Sephiroth does his best not to tense when he catches someone fidgeting with a camera several feet away. If a picture of him dressed like this shows up on the cover of the interdepartmental newsletter he is going to kill Zack. Slowly.

Two young girls in matching blue suits make an entirely undignified sound as he sweeps past them, doing his best to ignore the fatuous looks they throw after him.

“Kyaa!” the one squeals, while the other shouts out a dramatic, “Sesshou-sama!” that he doesn’t understand in the slightest.

Sephiroth feels a furrow crease the paint across his forehead as he frowns. This is going to be even worse than he anticipated.

Sandals slap against the ground behind him and Sephiroth is already turning before the delighted “Seph!” reaches his ears, echoed by the discordant jangle of the bells knotted in Zack’s even-more-obnoxious-than-usual hairstyle.

He pauses and Zack skids to a stop beside him, Wutai-style robe billowing as he grins. “Bout time you got here!” he exclaims. “I was beginning to think you’d been mobbed.”

Seph gives his second a narrow look. “It appears I have even more reason to question your sanity than usual, Zack,” he observes. “This appears to be a highly suspect hobby.”

“Eh,” Zack shrugs. “You already knew I was nuts. And you should see the mechanical menagerie the guys in Engineering are working on if you think this is weird.” Zack gives him a critical once-over, nodding in satisfaction. “Glad I got your measurements right – you make an awesome Sesshoumaru.” Zack winks slyly, the effect somewhat diminished by the black patch covering his other eye. “And you’ve already got the ‘I am not amused, don’t bother me’ look down pat, so you’re pretty well set.”

Sephiroth shakes his head. “I despair of you sometimes, Zack. Remind me how you convinced me to attend this… convention of yours?”

Zack’s wolfish grin looks surprisingly wicked when coupled with an eye patch and a scar. “Because I talked Cloud into wearing a girl’s sailor suit as well?”

Ah, yes. “True.” Sephiroth squares his shoulders. “I suppose you ought to lead the way then.”

“Before the fangirls carry Cloud off,” Zack agrees, hooking his arm through Sephiroth’s and starting across the crowded floor. Sephiroth has no idea what he’s talking about, but that’s nothing new. It tends to happen rather often when Zack’s around.

“Just don’t be surprised when people ask for your picture,” Zack tells him, nearly putting Sephiroth’s eye out with one of his bells as he turns his head. “And for Ifrit’s sake, watch out for random glompers.”

Sephiroth manfully reins in a sigh. This is going to be a long weekend.
Tags: babble, cosplay, fandom: ffvii, pairing: seph/zack/cloud
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