It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
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Contrary to Appearances [KH2/FFVII, Axel/Reno]

Title: Contrary to Appearances
Author: cleflink
Characters: Axel/ Reno
Rating: PG
Warnings: pre-porn with lots of snark
Prompt: Axel/Reno, dominance/submission
A/N: I fail at pr0n. :(

Summary: Even when one of them's tied up, it's hard to tell who's top.

“There.” Axel smirked, pulling the last knot tight and leaning back to admire his handiwork. “I think I like you better like this.”

Reno smirked back at him. “Ain’t the first time I’ve heard that, yo.” He stretched as far as the ropes would allow, squirming leisurely on the bedspread. “Bet I’d like you a lot better with my cock in that smart mouth of yours.”

“Should’ve fought harder then.” Axel shrugged carelessly out of his shirt, wincing only slightly at the pull of the bruises scattered across his chest. “I would’ve expected more from a Turk.”

Green eyes rolled. “Sorry if street brawling with materia isn’t exactly my forte, yo.” Reno tilted his head archly, the mottled rope of burn marks snaking down his neck vivid against his pale skin. “And who says I didn’t let you win?”

“Probably the fact that you haven’t stopped bitching since.” The mattress dipped under Axel’s knees as he climbed onto the bed, straddling Reno’s waist and planting his hands on either side of Reno’s head. He grinned down at his captive, blood-matted hair hanging wildly around his face. “Course if you want to cry rape to make yourself feel better, that’s alright with me yo.”

Reno’s baring of teeth couldn’t really be called a smile. “Thanks for that Precious, but I think I’ll manage.”

“Shame.” Axel leaned down, tongue dragging leisurely across one bruised nipple, and his mouth tightened into a grin when Reno’s breath hitched sharply. “Mmm,” he purred, palms skating up Reno’s sides and lingering over the places that made him squirm. “I definitely like you better like this.”

“Good for you,” Reno managed, breathless. “Now get the fuck up here and kiss me.”

Axel tutted lightly, tongue not ceasing its slow circuit of Reno’s chest. “So demanding,” he murmured, laving the hollow of Reno’s collarbone. “You’re a lousy sub.”

“And you’re a fucking asshole. Deal with it.” One red eyebrow arched goadingly. “Or did the fight tire you out too much to get it up?”

“Insulting bastard,” was Axel’s retort, though he sounded more amused than anything. “Since when do I need to prove anything to you?”

It was a sure sign of a misspent youth that Reno’s grin managed to be insulting and inviting at the exact same time. “You’re supposed to be topping, aren’t you? Better make sure it’s worth your while.”

“Oh I will,” Axel promised. He levered himself upwards, tongue flicking out to lick blood off Reno’s lips. “You’re not gonna be able to walk by the time I’m done with you, Turk.”

“Good,” Reno grinned, tilting his head up to close the distance between them. “Cause next time I’m tying you up.”

Tags: challenge: no_true_pair, fandom: ffvii, fandom: kh, pairing: axel/reno
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