May 12th, 2008

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Bijou - The Jewel Thieves (Liam/Topaz)

Title: The Jewel Thieves
Author: cleflink
Fandom/ Pairing: The Bijou - Liam/Topaz
Rating: PG? (Some violence)
Word count:4610
A/N: So this is kind of dedicated to laylah since it's all her fault I love these boys as much as I do. *hearts massively* [Hope the way I use the names isn't too confusing for everyone.] This is an AU fic, very loosely based on the general state of affairs of German-occupied Europe during WWII.

Summary: The Casmillian resistance to the Hanaein invasion has proven to be much stronger than anticipated. The most dangerous of these insurgents are known simply as the Jewel Thieves.

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