May 29th, 2008

[text] Babe with the power

Con report and a ficbit

Have slept and eaten enough to make up for the weekend, so here's a quick con report!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous (19-23 all weekend and sunny!) which is very unusual for AniNorth. Made my costume rather overwarm (vinyl over vinyl over cotton), but as my sis was in... considerably less, I'm happier that the weather was nice.

Been too lazy to upload my pics thus far, but I found some other people's in the massive deluge of stuff on

Weapons only came on Saturday after I kinda broke my Zodiac Spear (some ultimate weapon *sigh*), but they still looked pretty damn good the rest of the time anyway I think.

I got some nice swag including but not limited to; a Reno 'action figure,' an art book for Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura, a make-your-own UFO doll that I'm still working on and an excessive amount of gorgeous prints out of the artist's alley. *sparkles* I also got a few cosplay photos of my own which include, among others, a disco-posed Junpei who was absolutely brilliant. :)

And because I am nuts, have a con-inspired ficbit! (FFVII - 500ish words)

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