September 14th, 2008

[text] Babe with the power

I am insane! Indulge me!

So, despite the fact that school's back in and my teachers are already quite keen on burying me in homework (why did I take the Lucian course, for the love of god!), I am feeling all jittery and not concentrating. So! I has meme, sort of.

Quote me a sentence from your favourite story that I've written. I'll write you a ficbit in the same continuum/verse/whatever. Please do not quote me from Blood Brothers since the rest of it is still coming (honest!). Oh, and if I can't identify what story the line comes from... erm, we'll figure something else out?

For now only one each and we'll see how long I can keep this up.

Go! Prompt! *waves hands*

EDIT: And since I'm running this on both mirrors of my journal, here is the link to the IJ version, in case anyone wants to read what's going on there. ^__^

EDIT THE SECOND: *yawns* So apparently my body says it's time for bed. *shakes fist at Monday morning classes* I will get to the few I've missed sometime this week, and people are free to keep playing for the next couple hours if they like. *waves* G'night all!