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It goes ding when there's stuff
06 September 2012 @ 12:12 am
I have been doing the best impersonation of a sloth recently, you have no idea. Finally, here's the assorted timestamps I wrote for my sort of recent meme. Thank you to everyone who gave me prompts and for all of you out there who read my stuff!

At First Sight timestamp for fourtenpm: Comfort (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

Gratuitous Kitten Pin-ups timestamp for oddishly: Sand, Cats and Other Hazards of Military Deployment (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

The Heart of Everything timestamp for cherie_morte: Rescuers (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

Learn to Glow for Other's Good timestamp for amindaya: Adjustments (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

Photo Ninja timestamp for blackrabbit42 The Hazards of Twitter Pics (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

Superheroes Suck, or, The Unfortunately Extraordinary Life of Jensen Ackles timestamp for cassiopeia7: My Dress Code Encourages Spandex (Jared, gen)Collapse )

Sweet Touch timestamp for tebtosca: The Art of Not Helping (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

They Say I'm a Dreamer timestamp for blackrabbit42: The Pre-Question Question (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

To the Stars and Back timestamp for dugindeep: On the Job Training (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

Volunteer Firemen Do It for Free! timestamp for oddishly: Green Alcohol Kisses (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

When I Wore a Younger Man's Clothes timestamp for oddishly: Persuasion (Jared/Jensen)Collapse )

When You're a Professional Pirate timestamp for oddishly: Mug Shots (Jared/Jensen pre-slash)Collapse )

Dresden Files
Rhyme Without Reason timestamp for katikat: Three Dog Night (Harry, Thomas, gen)Collapse )