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It goes ding when there's stuff
26 December 2012 @ 02:52 am
Title: Summer to Your Heart
Fandom: CWRPS
Rating: G
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word count: 7030
A/N: This was written for simplemishap for the 2012 round of spn_j2_xmas, based on the prompts mythical beings, h/c, and polar opposite boys whose parents don't approve. Merry Christmas, hon! Also available on AO3.

Summary: Being a human dating a fae is hard enough without adding disapproving family members into the mix. Especially if there's a chance that they might turn him into a tree if they don't like him.

Jared hated the fact that he hated introducing people to his boyfriend.Collapse )
It goes ding when there's stuff
26 December 2012 @ 05:06 pm
I hope everyone out there in Internet-land had a lovely Christmas full of joy, prezzies and good company. ^_^ Mine has been very nice, albeit busy. And guess who totally got a copy of The Hobbit in Latin? AWESOME.

It's Yuletide time again! I ended up on the Pinch Hit list this year but I absolutely don't care because I got, not one, but TWO absolutely delightful stories. Both for the film Love Actually.

Title: Down At Your Door (3646 words) by faviconbluestalking
Fandom: Love Actually (2003)
Relationships: Billy Mack/Joe
Summary: “So,” he says into a lull of Billy’s somewhat lopsided conversation. “Do you really not know what you’re doing for Christmas?”

This was such a lovely, real look at these two and the way it hurts people when they don't understand each other. Joe's self-denigrating opinion of himself makes my heart hurt and Billy's voice is absolutely pitch perfect. Also, adorable ending.

Title: Life, Actually (2104 words) by faviconChokolatteJedi
Fandom: Love Actually (2003)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Harry/Karen, David/Natalie (Love Actually), Joanna/Sam (Love Actually), Juliet/Peter, Aurelia/Jamie Bennett, Judy/Jack (Love Actually)
Summary: Life, actually, goes on.

This feels like it could be a bonus timestamp in the DVD extras; it really truly captures the lovely, messy, hopeful feel of the movie. All the characters are wonderfully in character and have grown and shifted since the last time we saw them in very believable ways. A great feel-good story.

Christmas love to everyone!