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Right! Someone asked me about this and I realized that I've never posted it SO! Here's the song that happened to be in the right place at the right time when I was looking for some inspiration for yaoi_challenge. Kind of bardic and medieval-y sounding, but in a neat way.

Blood Brothers - Heather Alexander
My hand to yours
Let out spirits run free
Let our souls intermingle
For brothers of blood are we.

My life for your own
Your truth for my lie
When we walk we are one
And thus together we'll die.

Hail to four quarters of the earth
To the four winds of the sea
By the scar within my hand
Bring my brother to me
Bring back my brother to me.

I miss the sound of his footsteps
The sparkle in his eye
I miss the sound of him calling my name
Oh God, I can't let him die.

I can still feel his heartbeat
Though his blood's cold as stone
I won't let them take him
He shan't die alone.


I take a blade forged of silver
Split the mark on my hand
The blood flows like the tears from my eyes
They both fall to the sand.

I watch the sun set before me
While darkness blankets the sky
The waves as they break on the beach
Muffle the sounds as I cry.


The waves cease their crashing
And dawn lightens the sky
I hear the sound of him whispering my name
And there is a sparkle in his eye.

final chorus:
Hail to four quarters of the earth
Sing to the four winds of the sea
By the scars we share in our hands
You've sent back my brother to me
My brother has come back to me.
Tags: music, psa, verse: blood brothers
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