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A Rather Late Yuletide Post

*flops onto the table* Someone tell me why I am completely incapable of living my life without procrastinating? Had two massive papers due in the past week (one on New Years Eve and one today), so of course I've done nothing since my last post Boxing Day but work on school. *shoots self* So yeah, that's where I went and died to, in case anyone was wondering.

And in the spirit of better late than never, here are the results of this year's Yuletide!

I got an awesome Baccano! story from karanguni who was a Pinch Hitter Extraordinaire and made sure that I (and a half dozen other people) got fics this year. All Across Manhattan is a neat little look at life on the Claire side of things - immortality, family, invincibility and the ways they all fit together into a whole that's at once strange and intimately familiar. Definitely worth the read. ^__^

I wrote two things this year. The first was for [Unknown LJ tag] from Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana which, oddly enough, is the same fandom I wrote for last year. Totally different focus though, and a really awesome challenge for me since it's rather a far cry from my normal fluffy tripe.

Bonded to Life Worksafe and really dark. Spoilers for a very major plot point so I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you've read the book (which, if you haven't, you really should - it's excellent!). There are worse fates than death - especially for those who cross Brandin of Ygrath.

I also wrote a treat for laylah from the song Whiskey in the Jar. I hadn't really intended to write any treats this year (see above flailing about essays), but I made this mistake of reading through the Yuletide Madness list and this prompt just pinged me so hard I had to try my hand at it. And, y'know, laylah always deserves more presents. ^_~

Jailbreak Worksafe-ish with warnings for kissing and brotherslash. 'If anyone can aid me, it's me brother in the army'.

Next goal is to get my fool self organized enough to get some writing done without screwing myself over for term two before it's even begun! *looks for flying pigs* Happy belated Yule to everyone! ^__^
Tags: challenge: yuletide, fandom: tigana, fandom: whisky in the jar (song), pairing: none
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