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In The Closet - FFVII (Zack/Cloud)

Because nothing says yay end of term like celebratory porn.

Title: In The Closet or All Zack's Fault
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (pre-game, not Crisis Core compliant)
Pairing: Zack/Cloud
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unrepentant smut. PWP
Word count: 1450

Summary: Closet sex. Seriously.

Cloud was starting to think that Zack was a bad influence on him.

"Ah," he gasped, voice hitching as Zack's cock forced past the tight ring of muscle between his cheeks and pressed deeper. Cloud's fingers tensed, digging grooves into the cheap drywall he was braced against.

Behind him Zack purred low in his throat, the sound rumbling through the blackness inside the supply closet as he nudged carefully inwards, steady and unhurried. Once he was fully seated he leaned in close, hooking his chin over Cloud's trembling shoulder.

"You look fucking hot like this," he murmured, tongue swiping at Cloud's ear.

Cloud's cheeks flamed in the dark. "W-what?" he whispered back, shifting against the hot heavy press of Zack's cock inside him. "Surrounded by mops and buckets?"

A silent laugh puffed against his cheek. "More like pinned against the wall with my cock in your ass," Zack corrected. "But close enough." One of his hands drifted down to encircle Cloud's erection, pumping him knowingly. "Okay?"

Cloud hissed and thrust against Zack's hand, feeling Zack's cock twitch inside him. "M'fine," he managed after a beat. "Do it."

Zack nipped at his earlobe. "Whatever you say, babe."

Zack's cock burned nearly as much pulling out as it had going in and Cloud bit his lip hard, waiting for the ache to subside. The hand on his cock squeezed encouragingly, teasing in all the best ways, and then Zack's hips snapped forward, driving into him hard and making both of them groan.

"Mmm," Zack murmured, a warm, meaningless tumble of sound that stroked like wildfire down Cloud's nerves. Zack's free hand flattened against the wall beside Cloud's as he established a rhythm, his tongue snaking out to taste the sweat-slicked skin of Cloud's neck. "Gorgeous."

"Ngh, stop that," Cloud panted, fighting to keep his voice down as Zack set about driving him crazy with teeth and tongue and cock.

He could feel Zack smiling against his neck. "Stop what?" he asked innocently, and his next thrust made Cloud bite off a strangled scream, stars exploding in his vision as Zack's cock stroked over that perfect spot inside him. "I'm afraid you're going to have to be more specific."

Cloud whimpered, short nails gouging deep furrows in the wall. "Ass," he accused breathlessly, neck arching as Zack's mouth fastened on a spot just below his chin. "Not - ah - so high…"

"Mm?" Zack hummed.

How was he supposed to think with Zack thrusting into him like that? "No h-hickeys above the collar," he gasped out, his voice all over the scale. "I've got - haah - patrol this ahh, afternoon."

Zack's mouth lingered for a heartbeat, Cloud's pulse thrumming double time beneath careful teeth. Cloud was gathering his breath for another complaint when Zack dragged himself slowly away, his breath gusting hotly across wet skin. "Spoilsport," he accused, fondly amused. "Where's your sense of adventure?"

"In the closet," Cloud retorted before he thought better of it and Zack chuckled.

"Hells, if I'd known that was all it - whoops."

"What?" Cloud hissed, dreading the answer.

"Someone in the hallway," Zack said into Cloud's ear, hardly more than a whisper. "Better keep quiet."

Cloud could hear the footsteps now, a steady thump of standard issue boots heading towards them. He faltered, alarm jangling belatedly down his nerves, but Zack didn't slow, just kept fucking him slow and deep as Cloud's body clenched panic-tight around his hard length.


"Shh." Zack's hand covered Cloud's mouth, sweat and dust mingling with the salt tang of his skin when Cloud darted his tongue out to taste. "Trust me."

You're insane, Cloud would have said, only Zack chose that moment to pick up the pace and the words were lost in a low groan.

Zack was fisting him tightly now, sword-calloused fingers stroking with just the right amount of pressure to drive Cloud mad. He whined in frustration, writhing on Zack's cock, but Zack didn't falter, his control absolute. With a silent apology to his common sense Cloud gave in to the inevitable, shifting his legs wider as he rocked back hard into Zack's next thrust, hyperaware of the footsteps passing right outside the door as he fucked himself on Zack's cock with shameless abandon.

He was practically sobbing with need by the time the echo of the footsteps faded, his cheeks damp with sweat beneath Zack's hand. Then Zack leaned forward, his furnace heat draping over Cloud's back and his hand squeezing Cloud's cock, tight and perfect.

"Go on," he murmured huskily, nipping at Cloud's chin. "Let me see."

Another thrust, two and Cloud lost it, biting at the skin of Zack's palm to keep from crying out as his orgasm ripped through him. His knees threatened to buckle and Zack's arm wrapped around his waist, his semen-slicked hand curling under Cloud's rucked-up shirt as he jerked him back onto his cock. Cloud could feel the fine tremors running through him.

"C-come on Zack," he gasped when he regained the ability to speak. Zack's hand shifted, starting to pull away, and Cloud bit him in warning, laving the small hurt with his tongue. "Your turn."

Zack somehow managed to spare the breath to chuckle. "Since you asked so nicely," he purred, the ripple of sound making Cloud's toes curl as Zack's rhythm went erratic, his thrusts turning relentless before he finally stiffened, arm tightening around Cloud's waist hard enough to make him squeak. Zack's head dropped down to rest between Cloud's shoulder blades and they panted together for several long moments, Zack's gasping breaths against his damp collar making Cloud want to shiver.

Eventually Zack stirred enough to draw back and Cloud swallowed a disappointed whimper at the empty feeling left behind. Zack's hand slid away from his mouth, fingers catching Cloud's chin in a firm grip and tilting his face upwards for a kiss. Cloud surrendered gracefully, careless for the moment of the fact that he was standing in a supply closet with his pants around his ankles and a smear of his own come drying tackily across his stomach.

"Mmm," Zack hummed as Cloud turned to face him, strong arms caging Cloud's hips and holding him close. Cloud moaned into Zack's mouth, reaching up to wrap his arms around Zack's neck.

Only to yelp and jump when his hand knocked something off the shelf and sent it tumbling to the floor with a ringing crash. Something that felt like a broom handle glanced off Cloud's shoulder and he grabbed at it before it could knock anything else over, Zack's grip on his waist the only thing keeping him upright as his legs tangled in his pants.

"Gah," he managed, ears ringing. He could feel Zack shaking with silent laughter, patently amused. So he hit him.

"Sorry," Zack grinned, stroking the bare skin of Cloud's hip for a moment before his hands withdrew, the jingle of his belt chiming a moment later. "Guess I should have warned you about the hazards of closet sex."

"You think?" Cloud muttered wryly, not nearly as put out as he ought to be. Zack produced a mostly clean rag from somewhere and Cloud set about trying to put his clothes back to rights, shaking his head all the while. "I can't believe the kinds of situations you get us into," he remarked, fastening his pants brusquely.

"Hey now," Zack countered, sounding far too amused for Cloud's own good. "This was your idea."

"Wha - no, it wasn't!" Cloud thumped him again, glaring for all he was worth. "We're here because you asked if I'd ever had sex in a closet before!"

The shine of Zack's eyes in the dark was terribly smug. "Ah, but you answered me." Zack reached out to straighten Cloud's collar, stealing another quick kiss as he did so. "And you didn't really object very hard."

Well no, but…

"What's going on in there?" someone yelled suddenly, and Cloud's heart nearly jumped out his chest when a fist started hammering on the door. "Come out whoever you are!"

Cloud looked at Zack. Zack looked at Cloud. Cloud figured to hell with it and handed Zack the broom he still held.

"Give him that and see if he'll go away," he suggested.

Zack's teeth flashed in the dark as he grinned. "And if it doesn't work?"

Cloud shrugged with all the nonchalance he could manage. "Hit him in the head with it?"

Zack had to be a bad influence on him, Cloud reflected as Zack laughter rang brightly through the air and the pounding took on a fanatical intensity, because otherwise he had absolutely no excuse for how much trouble he'd probably just gotten them in.


I need a porn icon.
Tags: fandom: ffvii, pairing: zack/cloud
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