It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Dreamwidth, Cons and Ficbits

Right! So I now officially have a Dreawmwidth account under the same name for those who want to follow me there. For now it's going to be a mirror of my LJ and IJ accounts - I have no intention at this point of leaving either place, but anyone who's made the move and wants their f-list all in one place is more than welcome to friend me there instead.

I had wanted some shiny new fic finished to celebrate the new account but... that hasn't exactly happened yet since I've been working like mad to get my shit together for Anime North next week (Anybody going?). So have some ficbits instead!

All written for Round Six of porn_battle on IJ.

Kingdom Hearts Zack/Cloud worshipful actions, he had to reassure himself that it was real - This could be taken as a follow-up to An Idiot in Hades but was technically written as a standalone.

Persona 3 Akihiko/Shinjiro blowjobs instead of explanations ...yeah.

Zap! Online Comic Gunner/Zap the world is not enough - Hooray for fandoms nobody's heard of! Zap! Online is a webcomic about space, psychics, amnesia, intrigue and trying to take over the universe (not necessarily in that order). Zap is the clueless main hero-type character with no memory and Gunner is the sexy main bad guy.

So yeah! Enjoy and I'll try to have something written, er, soonish. *hearts*
Tags: challenge: porn_battle, fandom: kh, fandom: persona 3, fandom: zap!, pairing: akihiko/shinjiro, pairing: gunner/zap, pairing: zack/cloud
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