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*waves* Well, I'm back from Anime North and mostly rested. I'll probably be posting some costume pictures once I figure out how to connect my camera to my laptop, but suffice to say a good time was had by all and much money was spent on new ani-swag.

This is... not really a fic but I've been mentally stalling on the longer things I'm trying to work on (my creativity, it is failing its will save a lot lately), and this piece snuck out while I wasn't paying attention. Erm, worksafe and short?

Zack was teetering at the top of a ladder with a power drill in hand when the knock came.

"Wha-" He half turned without thinking and promptly swore as he felt the ladder shift out from under him. He managed a single, desperate grab for the light fixture he'd been installing and then he was falling, drill slipping from his fingers as he hit the ground hard enough to make his teeth rattle.


Zack lay on the floor for a breathless moment, blinking muzzily at the wildly careening light above him. Thankfully he was far enough along with the installation that it didn't immediately fall on him and Zack breathed a small sigh of relief for small mercies. Maybe he should have listened to Reno when he'd said that renovating was hazardous work, yo.

The knock came again, louder this time, and Zack sat up with a pained groan.

"I'm coming!" he called out, climbing to his feet. The knocking continued as he shuffled through the mess of wallboard and drop cloths that was eventually going to become an apartment and Zack made a face.

"That'd better be a cute fireman making all that racket or I'm going to be really disappointed," he muttered, reaching for the door. "Yes?" he demanded.

"Mr. Zack Fair?" asked the very attractive blond police officer standing on his doorstep.

Zack blinked. "Er - yes?"

The man flashed his badge, pretty blue eyes calm and serious. "Cloud Strife, MPD. I've got a few questions for you if you have a moment."

Zack leaned into the doorjamb with a winning grin. Close enough.

Tags: fandom: ffvii, genre: au, pairing: none, pairing: preslash, pairing: zack/cloud
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