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Firestarter [KH2/FFVIII, Axel/Seifer]

Written for the summer round of no_true_pair.

Title: Firestarter
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2/Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing/characters: Axel/Seifer
Rating: Strong PG
Warnings: Snarky prison foreplay? Also somewhat violent boykissing.
Prompt: Axel and Seifer: handcuffs/prison scenario
A/N: I blame Seifer for the deplorable lack of porn in this (No, I don't understand either).

The first thing Axel learned about Enforcer Almasy was to stay the fuck out of his way.

The second thing he learned, about Enforcer Almasy and Balamb Pen in general, was that things were so much more interesting when he didn't listen to good advice.

"So," Almasy drawled, a smooth curl of sound that matched the deceptively careless lean of his body against the doorjamb. "Care to tell me what that was about?"

Axel smiled and slouched deeper into the chair they'd cuffed him to, shifting until the wood squeaked. "Not really."

"The sorry bastard you got those matches from is in solitary for the next 48 hours," Almasy continued, as though Axel hadn't spoken. "What do you think you're in for after trying to burn down the kitchen?"

Axel tugged on the cuffs. They jangled in the quiet. "Given the setup?" He smirked. "I'm kind of hoping for a lap dance."

"Why'd you do it?" Almasy demanded. "You knew you'd get caught."

Axel slanted a cocky grin at him. "Gotta stick with your strengths right?" he asked, and let his thighs fall open so that the weight of his cock - not hard yet, but it wouldn't take much with Almasy looming at him like that - was pressed tight against the thin weave of his pants.

Almasy raised a bland eyebrow. "I wasn't aware you had any."

"Ouch." Axel didn't bother moving. "You're a hard man to impress, Mr. Enforcer."

"Maybe that's because I've yet to meet an impressive fool."

They stared at each other for a long moment. With the door open Axel could hear the sounds of the other inmates being shuffled back to their cells after lunch.

"Why'd you do it?" Almasy said again, more of a command than a question.

Axel rolled his eyes. "You know, for a smart man you're awfully stuck on this." He leaned forward, trying not to grimace as his loose hanging hair swung onto the shoulders of his horridly orange jump suit. Honestly, if he'd realized just how terrible the contrast was going to be he'd have… well not stopped, obviously, but he'd have been a hell of a lot more careful about not going to prison. "I did it because I enjoy it."

Almasy sighed, as though Axel was missing the point entirely. "I know that. I want to know why." His expression tightened and Axel didn't flinch when the man levered himself suddenly upright, the heavy metal door slamming behind him as he stalked forwards like an avenging angel.

"Why?" Axel parroted obligingly and wasn't surprised when Almasy stopped a good few feet away instead of getting right in his face. Normally it took people an object lesson and several broken bones before they realized just how talented Axel could be with his hands tied behind his back but Almasy was apparently smarter than most. Or at least more paranoid, though the smirk flirting at the corner of his mouth looked too haughty for that.

Truth be told, that was one of things that Axel rather like about Almasy.

"I'd have thought it was obvious." The weight of the man's stare was anything but casual. "I'm talking about that fact that you seem to enjoy getting caught more than you enjoy blowing shit up."

Axel said nothing, a single raised eyebrow the only sign of his surprise. Had anyone ever noticed before? Not since Roxas, he was pretty sure, and even Roxas hadn't really understood it so clearly.

Almasy's lip curled in smug satisfaction.

"I thought so. Been trying to get my attention, hmm?" Almasy's boots rang again on the tiles and Axel hissed in surprise as Almasy fisted one hand in his hair and yanked back, hard.

"Well it looks like you've got it," Almasy continued pleasantly, the steady pressure of his hand bending Axel's neck awkwardly over the back of the chair. Axel twisted, mouth set in a furious snarl, but Almasy sidestepped too fast, his other hand closing over Axel's bound wrists and pulling them down and away until Axel's shoulders twinged. Almasy smiled coldly. "So what are you going to do with it?"

He didn't have enough leverage. "Is this - haah- the part where I ask if I can suck your cock?" Axel gasped, slumping into the hold.

"I don't know." A ruthless twist of the hand in his hair and Axel gritted his teeth against the urge to wince. "You tell me."

Somehow, Axel found the self-possession to grin. "Why not? I bet you make some gorgeous noises when you're getting sucked off."

Almasy chuckled, a dark, tempting puff of sound. "And what makes you think you'd be able to make me moan?" He was leaning in now, close enough that Axel would have been able to break his nose if not for the fist in his hair. The look in Almasy's eyes said he knew it too.

Axel's smile widened. "Try me."

Almasy's kiss was as sharp and invasive as the knife at his hip, pushing past Axel's defense with ruthless precision. Axel angled himself into the kiss as best as he could, growling at the insistent press of Almasy's mouth. Almasy took his time about it, hands never loosening as his tongue plundered Axel's mouth. Those hands bent him further back as Almasy probed deeper, leaving him splayed open across the chair. Axel arched up, biting at thin lips even as his shoulders screamed in agony.

He could feel Almasy smirking as the man shifted, teeth closing on Axel's lower lip hard enough to draw blood. A snarl of sound got caught in Axel's chest and he panted round it, wordless curses bubbling from his lips at the merciless scrape of teeth down his throat. The bastard was leaving marks, scoring them into his skin. Axel was in for more than a few fights over this.

His throat was burning by the time Almasy drew back, mouth damp with blood and spit and sweat.

"Not quite a lap dance," Almasy remarked, completely composed if you didn't look at his eyes. "But you're easier to hold onto from this angle."

"Mak-" Axel coughed roughly. "Makes sense." He stared evenly up into Almasy's face. "Anything else you plan on trying from that angle?"

"Hmm. No, I don't think so. Not today at least." A wrenching pull on his wrists made Axel jerk, the cuffs around his ankles clattering, and then the pressure was gone, Almasy striding safely across the floor before Axel had even noticed him move.

"You're getting ten days in solitary for that stunt in the kitchens," he said over his shoulder. A darkly amused grin flashed as he paused at the door. "After you've spent an entertaining evening defending your virtue from your fellow inmates, of course."

"Hey," Axel said, and he had his most untrustworthy grin ready for when Almasy swung back towards him.


It was a bad idea. Then again, most of his best ones were. Axel's grin widened. "How'd you get that scar?"

Almasy's smile was the coldest Axel had ever seen it. "I wonder," he said, in a tone that knifed you in a dark alley before you'd even realized you were lost. "You're going to have lots of time to think about it."

He was gone before Axel could respond to that, the door banging shut behind him and leaving Axel alone with blood on his lip, his hands gone two degrees past numb and an insistent erection tenting the front of his pants.

"Bastard," Axel told the empty room admiringly, settling in to wait.

If this was Almasy's idea of foreplay, then this game had suddenly just got a whole lot more interesting.

Tags: challenge: no_true_pair, fandom: ffviii, fandom: kh, genre: au, pairing: axel/seifer
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