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Con report! A week late, but still here!

This was my... 7th time going to Anime North and I'm pleased to say it was still a very enjoyable experience. The weather was, thankfully, very nice and I met more nice crazy people than irritating crazy people. This year the collective crew decided to spend an extra day and show up on Thursday - for less hassle checking in and the sake of not being crazy rushed all weekend. Surprisingly, it worked. Hotel check-in, con registration and weapons check were all done with a minimum of fuss, and then Thursday evening was spent watching Star Trek (again) in IMAX. Good times.

Con opened at 5pm on Friday, so we slacked off and finished last minute costume bits for most of the day. I reused an old costume and went as Hakkai from Saiyuki - and for a twist I decided to go for the youkai version. Meant that I got to leave my monocle and ear cuffs (and Hakuryuu) at home, which made the costume a lot easier to wear.


The work on my face is in eyeliner, my hands were done in pen.

Took freaking forever to get dressed on Saturday. I went as Caster from Fate/Stay Night, and the lovely Shadeling was Saber.


Shadeling looking lovely - and tiny, but she kind of is, so I guess that's okay. I made all the armour myself using an online tutorial, craft foam, some creativity and several litres of glue. I am very pleased with how it turned out, though I might try and find a different method in future, as this stuff is very soft.


Without the cloak. This was my first time wearing a full wig for a costume - it was a lot of fun, though the sheer number of hair pins holding me together was a bit ridiculous. People didn't recognize me. It was pretty cool.


Us, looking combatative and etc. And me with the full costume on this time.

My costume was surprisingly comfortable, although next time I intend to avoid anything that requires gloves - made damn hard to pick anything up, or photograph people. Luckily the rest of the people we went with weren't in costume and were kind enough to carry shit/act as picture gophers/pay for my swag (from my wallet, unfortunately). Had a lot of pictures taken, which is really nice after the amount of time put into making the costumes. There were a lot of really good quality costumes this year which is a nice change from previous years. Saw enough P3 and P4 cosplayers to make me a very happy cleflink, as well as a few old-school non-anime folks who were great fun (Barf from Spaceballs! Demona from Gargoyles! Cheetara from Thundercats! many of you are even old enough to remember Thundercats? orz)


Speaking of age, the guy behind me (with the popsicle) tried to chat me up not too long before this was taken. If I hadn't been so busy being surprised, I probably would have told him that I'm probably a good 10 years older than he is. ^^;

Watched a couple new things I might look up, laughed at the skit contest and thoroughly enjoyed the AMV contest. Spent a decent amount of money, though not as much as I expected to as several things I was looking for were MIA. I did get the Crisis Core Playarts dolls action figures of Zack and Cloud though, which makes me happy. And some lovely prints from the Artist's Alley which I have absolutely nowhere to put. Orz. So yeah, good all in all, and close enough to my hometown that it doesn't even take a full tank of gas to get there *win*. Now I just have to find some way to convince all you people to come next year lol.
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