It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Apparently I'm in a posting mood this week

S-so how about some prompts?

Give me one character and a place. The place can be as Proper Noun specific (Reno in Las Vegas) or vaguely generic (Claire in a dining room with the candlestick!) as you like. I'm not going to put a fandom cap on this, so anything that shows up in my tags list should be fair game. I'll also accept prompts from Persona 4 (because... yeah), though fair warning that I'm only up to the end of August.

I'll take the first 10 responses across all mirrors of my journal (so 10 total, not 10 each). Um, go?

1. Cloud, waterfall for cloudy_chan
2. Vaan, bedroom for nan (DW)
3. Howl, the Military for kiwikiwi (DW)
4. Seph, natural hot spring for ldyavalon
5. Zack, downtown for b_borealis
6. Vincent, tea shop for palmtree101 (IJ)
7. Farfarello, rooftop for cypher (DW)
8. Zack, Edge for strayvalkyrie
9. Tsuzuki, library for yuenoclow (IJ)
10. Cloud, Mt. Nibel for aikonamika (IJ)
Tags: prompt post
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