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Blood Lines [KH2/Baccano! Axel/Maiza]

Prompt drabbles are about 2/3 done, but you can all enjoy this in the meantime! ^_^

Title: Blood Lines
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2/Baccano!
Pairing: Axel/Maiza
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Death play sex
Prompt: Axel and Maiza: necrophilia
A/N: If you'd asked me before this challenge, I wouldn't have said this was a kink of mine. Then I got these two for it and, well. *sparkles*

It was fascinating to watch him bleed.

Maiza stiffened under him and Axel shifted back, smirking as awareness fled from dark eyes in a wash of pleasure-wrapped despair. Axel trailed his fingers leisurely down the blade buried in Maiza's chest, ghosting along the tang and smearing dark blood across the man's skin. There was no resistance in Maiza's body now and Axel rocked in leisurely, feeling the effortless give of muscles that had been panic-tight only moments before. It was a good feeling, as far as feelings went for Axel.

He'd never really been all that satisfied with 'good' though.

Axel wrapped his hand again around the knife hilt and pushed, forcing the blade deeper. Blood welled and slithered around the wound, trying to get back in, and Axel was sorely tempted to drag his tongue across slack muscles, lapping it all up. Would it crawl back out of him, relentless in its desire to return or would Maiza lose it forever, become just that little bit less invulnerable with the sweep of Axel's tongue?

When Axel's turn came there wouldn't be any blood, just a pulsing wash of darkness that cradled and remade him between one non-heartbeat and the next. Maiza never said exactly what happened to Axel's body after he'd killed it, whether it was there and dead like Maiza's or it shattered into darkness that left Maiza pumping into nothing, or something else entirely, but the wildness always lurking in the man's eyes when Axel came back made it clear that, whatever it was, it was pretty damn hot.

Axel shifted again, reaching down with his free hand to palm the erection that Maiza hadn't been dead long enough to lose. He gave it a few cursory pumps, amused by how hot it still was, and tightened his grip on the knife hilt. Grin firmly in place, he yanked the blade one in one sharp motion and purred wordlessly as Maiza's body reknit itself all at once, jerking and spasming under him and around his cock. Axel watched the gaping wound in Maiza's chest heal itself without a mark and wondered how things would end when this world fell into darkness, what it would cost that heart to fix itself after a Heartless had ripped it out.

The gasp as Maiza slammed back into consciousness was rough and lost and Axel arched down for a kiss, biting at smooth lips just to feel them heal themselves under his teeth. Maiza groaned and thrust up into Axel's fist, his hands curling round Axel's back and digging in hard. A whisper of sound slipped between them; a name. Not Axel's.

Axel just grinned harder, tapping the knife thoughtfully against the muscles straining in Maiza's neck, tempted to cut again. Arteries made a fantastic mess after all - for the ten or so seconds before Maiza's body healed itself - and the way Maiza arched hungrly into the blade's sharp kiss wasn't even close to fearful.

If they'd been cheated of death, at least they could get the enjoyment of cheating it right back.

Tags: challenge: no_true_pair, fandom: baccano!, fandom: kh, pairing: axel/maiza
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