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Ficbit set - where in the world?

Took too long with these (as per usual), but I'm pleased with how they turned out, so. Thanks to everyone who prompted me!

10 x 125 words. Fandom spread = Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Howl's Moving Castle, Weiß Kreuz, Yami No Matsuei. Overall worksafe except for Sephiroth (yes, really) and a tendency towards crazy in Farf's.

Cloud, waterfall for cloudy_chan
Somewhere on Disc 2...

Cloud stared at the water rushing past the cave mouth and tried very hard not think of anything at all.

The echo of a dead woman's words clung to the slick stones all around him, fractured and strange. Lucrecia's ghost, if that's what it had been, was long gone now and Cloud suppressed a shudder at the thought of being trapped here, alone, for all that time.

Vincent was silent behind him, staring at the blank walls with clenched fists and angry eyes. Cloud focused on the water roaring in his ears, letting in familiar numbness. This wasn't his problem. He wasn't like Vincent. Or Lucrecia.

"The Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die..."

He just hoped his own past knew enough to stay dead.

Vaan, bedroom for nan
Because only I could get a prompt for 'bedroom' and not turn out porn. ^^;

Penelo dropped unceremoniously onto her bed. "Alright, we're alone. Now spill."

"It's nothing," Vaan settled onto the floor, snagging a cushion on the way. "Don't worry about it."

"Liar." Penelo's eyes narrowed. "You found a ship, didn't you?"

Since when did Penelo know him so well? "Er…"

Penelo sighed expansively. "Vaan, you're about as subtle as a baanga on a bender." She cocked her head. "So?"


"Ask me to go in with you." Vaan gaped and Penelo hit him. "Idiot," she said fondly. "You think I'd let you go off alone? Besides, you'd never be able to afford it without my help."

"…You serious?"

"Of course. So?"

Vaan gave up. "Partners?" he asked, extending a hand, and Penelo grinned.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Howl, the Military for kiwikiwi

"You'll be fine," Sophie said. "Just think of it as mentoring on a bigger scale, okay?"

"This is such a pain," Howl muttered back, tugging on his collar.

"Maybe. But you agreed." A last pat on his hip. "So stop stalling and get a move on."

He wanted to go home.

"Howl." Madame Solomon smiled, looking far too pleased with herself. "So nice to see you."

He sketched a salute, trying to ignore the legion of fresh-faced young wizards staring raptly at him. "Madame Solomon."

Her eyebrow arched. "We'll need to work on your manners, Sergeant. For now, though-" she waved a hand. "They're all yours."

Howl swallowed hard. "Right." He was not happy about this.

But at least he looked good in the uniform.

Seph, natural hot spring for ldyavalon Not worksafe!

"D-damn," Zack gasped, hands slipping as they grabbed at Sephiroth's wet shoulders. He grinned broadly. "I could get used to this."

Sephiroth added another finger, purring at the feel of Zack's body yielding effortlessly in the steaming water. "I'd advise against it," he warned, licking a bead of sweat off Zack's collarbone. "We're shipping out in less than a fortnight."

Zack laughed, a breathless, giddy sort of sound. "The hot spring's not exactly - haah - what I was talking about…" His hips hitched, driving onto Sephiroth's hand. "Fuck, Seph please…"

"Ah." Cock replaced fingers and Sephiroth hissed as he sheathed himself in slick, willing heat. Zack groaned, panting heavily, and Sephiroth smiled. "In that case, I might be inclined to agree with you."


Zack, downtown for b_borealis
I cheated. It's bartender!Zack verse.

"Downtown!" Zack belted out. "Where the neon lights are bright!"

"Do you have to sing?" Cloud asked, sounding pained.

"No," Zack admitted easily. "But what better opportunity than a downtown music fest?"

Cloud rolled his eyes. "We're here to watch other people sing," he reminded, not sounding nearly as put out as he probably meant to.

They wandered down the street in companionable silence, shoulders brushing intermittently. "This is nice," Cloud offered finally. A shy glance. "I'm surprised you gave yourself the night off,"

It's worth it to watch you smile, Zack wanted to say. He shrugged instead. "We never do much business over the festival weekend anyway." He took Cloud's hand. "And I'd hate to miss out on the chance to sing in public."

Vincent, tea shop for palmtree101

Vincent stared at the gilt-edged saucer and cup in front him, feeling ridiculous.

Cid sighed. "You've got to be the sissiest scary bastard I've ever met. Just drink the damn thing." Cid was glaring across the table, one calloused hand wrapped around his own silly-looking cup.

Vincent frowned. "I don't-"

Cid's eyes rolled. "You think I care? Looking like a fool isn't going to be the end of you." A noisy slurp, just as incongruous. "And this tea's too damn good to let it get cold."

"Next time bring it home instead," Vincent suggested, though he leaned forward just the same. The cup felt just as delicate as he'd feared, but Cid looked too pleased for him to object.

And the tea really was excellent.

Farfarello, rooftop for cypher
Couldn't fit in the lead pipe - how about a knife instead?

His blood looked black in the moonlight.

Farfarello drew the knife down his arm, watching smears of black roll hot across his skin. Not white anymore, that arm, and Farfarello hummed as blood dripped off his fingers, splattering across the ground like tears. It would stain.

A presence, behind him, and Farfarello smiled. "I can feel you breathing," he murmured dreamily.

The darkness chuckled. *Liar* Schuldig's voice said in his head, tasting like honey and razor blades. *Come on. We've got a job to do*

Schuldig's hair was pale in the dark, imitation fire, and Farfarello shifted, knife lifting thoughtfully. Maybe Schuldig's blood…

*Oh, it's just as black as yours. Now get your ass off the roof before Crawford gets pissy at both of us*

Zack, Edge for strayvalkyrie
Because really, how else did Cloud get back to the church? Advent Children.

"Hell of a place," Zack said as they walked. "And here I thought the slums were bad."

Aeris shrugged. "I didn't bring you along to enjoy the scenery."

"Naw, I'm just the hired muscle." Zack grinned down at his insensate burden. "Right Cloud?"

Cloud's head lolled, his face drawn with fatigue. Zack clucked his tongue disapprovingly. "Does this boy ever sleep?"

"Probably not. It's hard work being a hero." The door to the old church creaked open and Aeris led the way inside.

"He's lucky we're around to keep an eye on him." They waded into the water, cradling Cloud between them. Zack glanced up hopefully. "You sure we can't keep him?"

"I'm sure." Aeris' smile was fond and sad. "His story's not done yet."

Tsuzuki, library for yuenoclow


"But -!"

"No, Tsuzuki!" Gushoshin glared quellingly. "How many times do I have to say it? You're not coming in!"

Tsuzuki put on his best pleading face. "Please, Gushoshin? I won't blow it up again, I swear!"

Gushoshin looked unimpressed. "That's what you said last time, remember?" An imperious finger stabbed towards the door. "Out!"

"But I… ack!"

"Come on already," Hisoka said, dragging Tsuzuki away by the back of his collar. "Stop being a nuisance."

"Hisoka?" Tsuzuki twisted his head awkwardly. "I thought you wanted somewhere quiet to read?"

"I'm not going to get it with you arguing with Gushoshin, am I?" Hisoka muttered irritably. His cheeks were pink. "I can read in the office."

Oh. "Sankyuu, Hisoka!" Tsuzuki smiled.

Hisoka snorted. "Idiot."

Cloud, Mt. Nibel for aikonamika

I will not throw up, I will not throw up…

"Hey," Zack said, right behind him, and Cloud nearly jolted himself out of the truck in surprise.

Zack grinned apologetically. "Sorry." He slumped down beside Cloud, his attention turning outwards. "Inhospitable kind of place, isn't it?"

"Wait till you meet the locals," Cloud muttered darkly, and hurried on when Zack gave him a look. "The mountain's really beautiful though."

Zack grinned. "I'll bet. Take me for a tour later?"

Why? Cloud would have asked, only he doubted Zack would give him a straight answer. "Okay," he said, insides jumping at the thought of showing Zack his childhood hideaways. It wasn't a bad kind of feeling. "After we're done at the reactor, okay?"

Zack smiled. "Deal."

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