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Tease (FFVII, Zack/Cloud)

Title: Tease
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII OGC Pre-game
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Tequilla shots and foreplay. Yes, at the same time.
A/N: Found this on my hard-drive from a failed attempt at a porn_battle prompt and figured that I might as well finish it, considering how long it's been since I posted any actual, y'know, content here. Just a silly little fic.

In his own defense, Zack really hadn't set out to get Cloud drunk tonight. Not that he was complaining, really, but he figured that some plausible deniability might be a good idea for when Cloud eventually sobered up.

Even if Cloud wasn't the one getting taken shameless advantage of, for once.

Cloud's tongue dragged with agonizing thoroughness across Zack's palm and Zack's voice cracked on a groan. "Tease," he accused hoarsely.

Cloud drew back wearing a smile that was almost equal parts shy and hungry. Zack couldn't help but think it was a terribly good look on him.

"I learned from the best. Salt."

Zack dutifully passed over the half-empty salt cellar, leaning back on his free hand to watch as Cloud carefully tapped salt across the path his tongue had taken, his brow furrowed in a parody of drunken concentration. Zack didn't bother trying to hide his grin.

"There," Cloud declared finally, scattering an arc of salt liberally across the floor as he set aside the salt shaker. He nodded, pleased. "Ready?"

"Sounds good," Zack agreed amiably, sitting up to grope for the shot glasses as Cloud
reached with only slightly clumsy fingers for the bottle of tequila sitting against the bed. "You going to join me?"

Cloud blinked at him, considering, then grinned with such blithe cheer that Zack was immediately on guard.

"Sure," Cloud said, then poured himself across Zack's lap with a flirty little wink, tugging insistently at the hem of Zack's shirt. Zack surrendered without even a token protest and Cloud's tongue went to work as soon as Zack's shirt was out of the way, painting broad strokes across suddenly taut muscles and flickering teasingly into the hollow of his bellybutton.

Zack exhaled, a loud, shaky noise, and Cloud purred up at him, eyes glittering in hungry amusement beneath blond bangs.

If this was the result of Cloud drinking, he was so making tequila night a bi-weekly occurrence.

More than liquor was buzzing through Zack's blood by the time Cloud finally relented, lips shining in an almost obscenely pleased smile.

"Having fun?" Zack inquired, almost as casually as he'd been aiming for.

A sparkle of a grin answered him. "Very," Cloud agreed, and Zack's muscles jumped again as the salt cellar tipped, white crystals scattering and clinging to taut, damp skin.

More salt hit the floor as Cloud set down the salt cellar on its side instead of upright, and Zack moved to pour for both of them before Cloud spilled good alcohol all over the both of them as well. Cloud didn't bother moving away as Zack handed over his glass, and the easy weight of him slung across Zack's thighs was rather more distracting than it had a right to be.

"Ready?" Cloud asked, shifting back with a deft wriggle.

Zack nodded. "Am I ever," he agreed devoutly and Cloud laughed.


Zack answered with a one-armed shrug. "Most of the time," he agreed. He hefted his glass. "On three?"

"Three," Cloud declared and Zack couldn't help a purr as that talented tongue scoured again over his skin, licking away the salt with determined hunger. His own salted hand was treated rather less enthusiastically, the sharp bite of it unremarkable amidst the scrape of Cloud's teeth against his skin, the hot press of Cloud's erection against Zack's upper thigh.

The shots came next and Zack hardly noticed the roll of tequila down the back of his throat, too busy watching the arch of Cloud's as he slammed back his shot, bracing himself with one hand just above Zack's knee.

"Mmm." Cloud's cheeks were flushed with alcohol and arousal, his grin wide and unfeigned, and Zack forwent the traditional lime wedge in favour of hooking a hand around Cloud's nape and reeling him in, chasing down his tequila with a taste of the same from Cloud's lips. Cloud's mouth opened to him immediately and the hungry, shameless twine of his tongue made Zack feel far dizzier than the tequila had managed.

He let his mouth go wandering, glass tumbling to the floor as he wrapped one arm around Cloud's waist and nipped teasingly against pale skin.

He could feel Cloud's smile against his temple. "No more tequilla?" Cloud asked, with suspect innocence considering his hands were already under Zack's shirt, curling around his shoulderblades.

"Nope," Zack answered cheerily, tongue flickering along the curve of Cloud's ear. "That okay?"

Cloud's answer was a wordless hum of approval and Zack took the opportunity to relocate them both to the bed where they could do this properly.

Because really, drunken floor sex was all well and good, but Cloud was going to be mortified enough in the morning without waking up covered in salt as well.

Tags: fandom: ffvii, pairing: zack/cloud
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