It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Stuffs not by me!

Late as always, but now that the reveal's happened at Yuletide, I can officially thank the lovely and talented gryvon for the fantastic story she wrote for me. Coming to Rest is a beautiful (and sexy!) fic for the oneshot manga A Sex Therapist that looks at the beginnings of Bar Kain and the relationship between Kain and Tsuzuki, the owner of the cafe upstairs (which is lovely). If you like hurt/comfort fic, falling in love and first time sex, you should read this fic!

Also! skeren sent me a lovely little Zack/Cloud picture for Christmas that I have uploaded here for your viewing pleasure. (skeren, there were some fairly deep folds in the paper and I tried to remove the worst of the creasing in Photoshop - let me know if you'd rather have a copy sans my edits and I'll send you the original instead).

Personally, I managed four fics for Yuletide this year - my assignment and three pieces for Yuletide Madness - which I'll be stagger uploading here over the next couple of days. Oh yes, and the December issue's up at bb_shousetsu and it has some really fantastic pieces in it (and mine too). Check it out if you've time!
Tags: challenge: ssbb, challenge: yuletide, gift
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