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(Wait, no, that wasn't it).

I live! And fail at life and everything (and how many of my recent posts have started this way? orz). I feel like a real heel being so inactive (both in posting and in reading) but the trouble I've bene having motivating myself in everyday life has been bleeding into my not-school related stuff as well and yeah. Falling off the internet hardcore is apparently a part of that. I am so glad I've already made the decision not to go on for a PhD next year - clearly if I suck this much at an MA there is absolutely no way that I would survive another five years - but I still need to survive through the rest of this degree and I, just... don't really care enough? Which, for me, has never happened in relation to school (despite this being year eight of postsecondary for me) so I'm flailing around more than is probably normal (and reading a lot of Supernatural fanfic as a really poor avoidance method). So yeah, I am sorry. I hope to get my head out of my ass soon.

Also, in a slightly less emo bend, are there any Francophones out there who could tell me if there is a word for 'cosplay' in French? I have a presentation for class (your hobbies! I think mine will stand out some from the crowd), and I don't know that I'm going to have much luck finding it in my Fr-Eng dictionary. Am tempted just to go with 'le cosplay' but that feels like cheating (and maybe it's actually feminine? idk). Any help or good guesses would be appreciated.

*hugs you all*
Tags: state of the me
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