It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

KH2 Fic: Power Play

Axel-centric drabble written for kingdom_xiii's Light theme 'freedom'

Worksafe. Not mine.

The Superior was talking. Again.

“Once we have Kingdom Hearts in our grasp,” Xemnas declared, his terribly cultured voice possessing the just right amount of gravity. “We will create a new identity for ourselves and craft the universe in the image of Darkness!”

Axel rolled his eyes and wished it wasn’t so obvious when you slouched in these ridiculously tall chairs. Across from him he could see Lexaeus shuffle slightly in his seat and was somewhat gratified to discover that he wasn’t the only one who wished that the man, or whatever, would just get to the bloody point already.

“We shall have our purposes back!” Xemnas boomed. “The Organization will rule the worlds, completing them the way we shall be completed! Nothing will stand in our way!”

He wondered what sort of response he’d get if he got up and walked out right this minute. Probably appalled shock for the most part. Almost certainly something sharp and pointy in his back from Xemnas himself, but it made Axel smirk to think that some of the members might actually leave with him.

Xemnas’ eyes flashed with unholy zeal as he stood above them – a god of his own making. “The Keyblade master is controlled by his heart! His emotions make him weak! Neither he nor the King can oppose us!”

Rather than practice the apathetic misery so many of his cohorts wallowed in, Axel decided to find it funny that he was essentially trapped in this too-sterile room for however long it took Xemnas to finish pontificating and start handing out orders. Pointless yes, but that didn’t change the fact that the Keyblade kid could show up on a pink pony dressed like a ballerina and Xemnas would probably keep talking right over the interruption, just to prove that he could.

And they couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

“No one will control us! We shall have ultimate authority!”

Beside him, Vexen coughed sharply and Axel had to grin, wondering how many of the other Nobodies saw this waste of time for the power play it really was. Probably not many – Xemnas had trained them well after all. Most were too single-minded to notice anyway.

“We shall be freed from our bonds! The Organization will stand triumphant for all time!”

Axel hoped none of the others were particularly attached to the freedom Xemnas kept waving in front of their noses. Because, with the ‘Superior’ at the helm, freedom was one thing that they weren’t going to get anytime soon.

Tags: challenge: kingdom_xiii, fandom: kh, pairing: none
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