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It's that time of year again!

Dear Yuletide Santa,

First of all - thank you for being you and for participating in this challenge! I hope that you'll have as much fun working on my piece as I will looking forward to it. I hope one of my prompts is inspiring to you!

I tend to be pretty flexible in terms of what I like to read. I will quite happily enjoy gen, het or slash for any of my prompts, with any rating. I requested these characters because I love them all and I want to see them be their awesome selves. The fandoms I've picked this year also have wonderful worlds that I would love to see explored. I'm a sucker for banter, affection of all sorts, extraordinary characters in ordinary situations, competency, cleverness, humour, bravery and overcoming the odds.

I'm a sucker for happy endings, but more in the sense that I like to see my characters at least ambiguously well-off rather than yearning desperately for fluff. I realize that several of my prompts could lend themselves towards something rather more melancholy, so if you want to take them that direction that's totally awesome. A mood that's appropriate to the story you're telling is the best thing in my opinion so don't be afraid to include whatever you believe is most true to the characters. I'm not a fan of extreme OOCness or deathfic.

My prompts hopefully give you plenty to work with, but in case you're looking for more info about what I love about these fandoms:

Kino's Journey/ Kino no Tabi
I'd love to see any of the other countries that Kino and Hermes have visited during their travels. Be as creative as you like in thinking up where they end up. Countries about sports? Medicine? Education? The supernatural? Other stuff? It's all good!

The eternal delay on the second novel means that most of my knowledge of this fandom comes from the anime series and I can honestly say I've never seen another anime quite like it. I love how finely it skirts the line between Kino's observer role and empathy for the peoples and situations she and Hermes encounter. I admire Kino's sheer bad-assery and effortless ability to see straight into the heart of a matter and I don't even care how much sense a talking motorrad doesn't make, Hermes is a great foil to Kino.

Mentalist - You can catch the pilot here if you didn't get picked for this one
I'd love to see Jane on his day off. What does he do when he's not busy solving murders with panache and his rapier wit? Can be as funny or serious or sad or lighthearted or whatever as you want. Inclusion of any or all of the other members of the team would also be awesome.

Right so I'm only like two seasons into this show but I am seriously fond of it. I love how complex Jane's character is: his talent, his cheeky whimsy, the darker depths he pushes down so people can't see them. This show has a fabulous cast of characters and the ways they all interact, caring about each other and driving each other nuts in equal measure, is something I really enjoy. I'm also a huge sucker for the way this show strings the audience along in Jane's wake with all the rest of them - I love watching Jane show off and enjoying the ride as he comes to conclusions that make so much sense when you see them in retrospect.

Fairytale - Sara Bareilles
I'm a huge sucker for stories that happen after the Happily Ever After and this song does that so well. I'd love to see a story about any or all of these ladies and the challenges they face in relation to the men in their lives. Traditional settings or modern retellings are both awesome. Slash, het or gen at any rating are all great.

I'm a big Sara Bareilles fan and this is one of my favourite songs of hers (even though the music video leaves something to be desired). Not only is it a fantastic piece of music (I'm a huge fan of her jazzy edge), but I admire her ability to cut through the quagmire of real life situations, especially love, and pour out the heart of them in her lyrics. She sings about strong women who don't just fall into the roles that the world expects them to fill and I feel like this song is fairly optimistic despite the tough situations that the characters are dealing with.

Twelve Kingdoms/ Juuni Kokki
The relationship between these two fascinates me and I'd be delighted to see anything that explores the ways in which they fit together even when they seem to be working completely at cross purposes. Can be anything from disasters they have to deal with; lunch with other rulers and kirin; a quiet day to themselves; etc. etc. Past, present or future are all awesome. Gen or slash are both great.

Another deep thoughts sort of anime (I'm a little behind with the novels), with a world so rich that I often find myself wishing that reality worked a little more like this. I love the complexity and depth to this canon and I am continually delighted to see the characters rise to the occasions they get thrown into and grow into the people (and kirin) that they're destined to be. I'll admit right now that Enki is my favourite character (which has only a little bit to do with his voice actor, honest!) and I find myself fascinated by both his personality and his relationship with Shoryu. His sense of self-confidence seems to have been hard won and I can't help but love the way he and Shoryu have grown together to rule En, separate but constantly in concert (even when they don't agree with each other!).

Geez, watch me blather. You're welcome to poke round my LJ if you want any more ideas about what I like and etc. I've also got a mirror site up on Dreamwidth if that's your preferred playground.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you have fun!
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