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Closet Case (CW RPS, J2)

I kind of wrote porn! *waves banner*

Title: Closet Case
Fandom: CW RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, with voyeristic Chad and Misha
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: voyerism, bondage, orgasm denial, swearing and Misha Collins' sense of humour
Word count: 660
A/N: Written for blindfold_spn for the following prompt: Somehow Misha and Chad end up in the wardrobe of Jared and Jensen while they have kinky sex in their bedroom
A/N: the second: Now with bonus Misha twitterpic!

Misha has never been so simultaneously bored and entertained in his life.

The inside of Jared's closet is dark and impressively spacious, so much so that Misha and Chad can both sit comfortably without ending up draped all over each other or pushed up awkwardly against the uneven stacks of Jared's clothes. Which is good, because Misha suspects that they would have blown the game ages ago if they'd been worrying about personal space issues and deadened limbs in addition to being quiet.

Of course, Chad doesn't seem to think that's much of a blessing, but Misha's sure that that's just the short-term trauma talking. Chad's horrified expression seems to suggest as much.

Misha leans in close. "Seems like we should have started with the dresser after all," he confides, whisper soft, and Chad's answering snort would be enough to expose their tidy little hideaway if there wasn't some very loud, very exuberant sex going on in the bed on the other side of the room. Which of course there is. Hence, hiding in the closet.

"Right," Chad hisses back. "Because that's the fucking problem with this whole fucking situation." Chad waves a hand at the closet door, his tone somewhere between horrified and reluctantly turned on as he adds, "If I never see another toy in J-man's sex box again it'll be too fucking soon."

A moan interrupts their impromptu bonding moment and Chad groans, burying his head in his hands. Misha pats his shoulder.

On the other side of the closet door, Jensen and Jared are busy paying not-so-mute evidence to just how Chad has seen so much of Jared's sex toy collection despite their previous poor luck in figuring out where Jared kept it.

"Christ Jared," Jensen is panting, his voice cracked and thin. Metal chinks as he strains against the cuffs around his wrists. "Yer killin' me here."

Jared's answering chuckle is positively sinful, sliding down Misha's spine and coiling in his gut. Misha can only imagine what it does to Jensen. "Getting impatient there, Jen?"

"Fucking right I'm getting impatient. Stop fucking around and - ngh!"

"Hmm?" Jared says, and Misha gives in to the temptation to slouch just slightly, peering through the slats in the door to watch as Jared licks an agonizingly slow stripe up the length of Jensen's cock and shifts upright, his wrist flexing rhythmically between Jensen's spread legs. Misha can't see the vibrator from this angle, but the steady droning buzz and the way Jensen's head is thrashing make it clear that it's being applied with expert skill. "What was that, babe?"

"Jared!" Jensen groans. "Fucking please, okay?"

Jared grins. "Please what?"

"Fucking..." Jensen's head thunks against the pillow. "Jared, just fuck me already. Christ. Fucking toppy bastard."

"You love it," Jared says, sounding particularly pleased with himself. "Bet you'll like this too." His arm twists and Jensen howls, body arching up off the bed as far as the cuffs will let him.

"Oh yeah," Jared hums. "So fucking hot like this. You still tight for me, Jen? You clenching round that toy and wishing it was my cock?"

Jensen seems to have lost his ability to construct sentences: he's wide-eyed and panting, a steady mantra of "Jared, Jared, oh fuck, Jared," falling from his mouth.

Jared's darkly satisfied smile could give most of the show's demons a run for their money. "Yeah, that's what I thought." He leans in close, long, lean body blanketing Jensen's. "Too bad, I'm not even close to done with you yet."

Chad swears and slumps lower as Jared fits a thick black cock ring onto Jensen's by-now painful-looking erection. "Jesus fuck. I'm never gonna be able to fuck with Jared about his stamina again. He's a goddamn machine."

Misha hums in absent agreement and digs in his pocket for his phone. If he's going to be here for the duration, he'd better let his minions know not to send out a search party.


And because I'm really just that ridiculous, here's Misha's take on the situation.

Tags: challenge: blindfold_spn, fandom: cwrps, pairing: jared/jensen
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