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Master Fic List

I've come to the conclusion that these things are super awesome. So here you go.
Last updated: January 7, 2018

cleflink's Master List of Fics
Caveat lector - I make no claim to the quality of the older stuff in here! Ignore the posting dates at your own risk!

Handy index linky things:
All Final Fantasy works (VII, VIII, IX, XII)

BBC Sherlock, Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, Original Fiction, Real Person Slash, Supernatural, Miscellanea

BBC Sherlock
Bread and Circuses (800 words) (AO3)
In which Sherlock goes undercover at the Olympics and the British government runs interference. G
(gen - Mycroft, 'Anthea')

En Passant (1130 words) (AO3)
To succeed in politics, one must excel at planning ahead. G
(gen - Mycroft)
PODFIC: En Passant recorded by jagnikjen

Hands That Bleed (6660 words) (AO3)
John knows that he doesn't get off on pain. Sherlock knows what John does get off on. NC-17 (warning for bloodplay)

In the Backseat (1395 words) (AO3)
Their definition of romance is maybe a little different from other people's. NC-17

I Won't Even Ask for Snow (6330 words) (AO3)
John's starting to think that Sherlock's taking these Holmes family Christmas traditions a little too seriously. Light R
PODFIC: I Won't Even Ask for Snow recorded by Makani

The Lord of Ice and Snow (AU 2475 words) (AO3)
In order to convince the Lord of Ice and Snow to let winter come to an end, the people of Monatis have arranged a sacrifice. His name is John. NC-17

No Knot Unties Itself (3650 words) (AO3)
John's good at untying knots. Lestrade finds out where he gets all the practice. NC-17

Of Beds and Beehives (1275 words) (AO3)
In which John is far too old for all of this excitement, but it was certainly better than the alternative. NC-17

On the Naming of Things (non-AU!AU 2730 words) (AO3)
Sherlock may not be one of the angels, but he's got one on his side all the same. Not that John's about to tell him this, mind. G
(gen - Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Anthea)

Please, Please Me (1120 words) (AO3)
Sherlock saves 'please' for things that he really wants. This definitely applies. NC-17

Ten Breaths Per Minute (1630 words) (AO3)
In which John is asleep and Sherlock would like to keep him. PG
(gen - Sherlock/John preslash)

To Feel Without Touch (5245 words) (AO3)
John lost his career as a surgeon, his life in the army and his empathy in one fell swoop. He never thought he'd miss the last one so much. PG

When the Road Looks Rough Ahead (crossover with Doctor Who 4400 words) (AO3)
The Doctor decides that John needs a friend. Luckily, he knows just the man. G
(gen - John, the Doctor, Canton Everett Delware III)

With Eyes Wide Open (non-AU!AU 8050 words) (AO3)
In which souls are deceptively easy to see and no one can quite figure out what the deal is with Sherlock and John. Magic realism. R

Verses and Sequels - BBC Sherlock
- Drifting Under Bridges- (gen omegaverse. Seriously)
No Limited Dimensions (AU 3350 words) (AO3)
The second time John Watson got shot, he woke up in Russell Square Gardens. PG
(gen - Sherlock/John pre-slash)

Never with the Flow (AU 25,610 words) (AO3)
It's hard for John to say which was a bigger culture shock: getting shot (again) and falling into an alternate dimension instead of dying, or meeting Sherlock Holmes. Probably Sherlock Holmes, although discovering that he has an entirely new sexual orientation had been quite a turn up.
Now he's got to deal with a mad flatmate, a society that treats him like he'll break if someone looks at him the wrong way, and a new case involving kidnapped omegas being forced into prostitution rings.
Oh, and he's apparently going into heat. Lovely. R
(gen - Sherlock/John pre-slash)

-Quality of Life-
Do More Than Belong (3000 words) (AO3)
There's a time to hide how powerful his Healing actually is and there's a time to save Sherlock from bleeding to death. It's an easy decision, but John's still not looking forward to Sherlock turning his Sight onto things that John would rather he not know. PG

The Edge of All the Light You Have (1140 words) (AO3)
For all of his Sight, Sherlock couldn't find a way to escape Moriarty's final problem. John absolutely refuses to let that be the last mistake Sherlock ever makes. PG

Gundam Wing (No one should read these. Ever)
Assisted Escape (795 words)
Duo and Quatre have a military base to break out of. Sometimes that sort of thing requires some added incentive. PG
(2x4; references to 1x2, 3x4)

Forgive Me These Sins (2110 words)
Forgive me, Father, but I'm falling in love. G

Partners (6260 words)
Heero proposes. Relena's response is unexpected. G
(Heero/Relena; 1x2)

Saturday Night's Alright (570 words)
This was not how he pictured the evening would go. NC-17 (warning for bondage and threesome)

Kingdom Hearts
Blood Lines (crossover with Baccano! 515 words)
It was fascinating to watch him bleed. NC-17 (warning for death play)

Contrary to Appearances (crossover with Final Fantasy VII 445 words)
Even when one of them's tied up, it's hard to tell who's on top. PG

Crossroads (370 words)
Axel had known this moment was coming. G
(gen - Axel)

Firestarter (AU crossover with Final Fantasy VIII 1280 words).
The first thing Axel learned about Enforcer Almasy was to stay the fuck out of his way. PG

Idiots in Hades Verse (crossover with Final Fantasy VII)

In the Possessive (3160 words)
What if Sora had ended up as Marluxia's possession after all? NC-17 (warning for character death and dub-con like woah)

Letting Your Hair Down (1240 words)
Xigbar suspects that even when Demyx was a person he didn't make any sense. G
(gen - Xigbar, Demyx)

Power Play (420 words)
Interdepartmental meetings are quite possibly Axel's least favourite thing in existence. G
(gen - Axel)

The Runner (AU 3165 words)
It's 1944 and the Allies are planning something. Dilan's getting out while he can. NC-17 (warning for dub-con)

Stage Clothes (650 words)
The newest member of the Organization tries on his new uniform. G
(gen - Demyx)

Switch (1135 words)
Crossdressing for fun and... actually there isn't really any other excuse for this. G

Table Talk (1630 words)
The game might be poker, but it's not the cards they're really betting on. G
(gen - Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Luxord, Marluxia)

Teeth and Tails (625 words)
Axel has a good idea. Despite his better judgment, Roxas goes along with it. G

Too Much Information (760 words)
They were always bringing interesting things back from their travels. G

What Fills the Silence (700 words)
Demyx likes to sing in the shower. Xigbar and Axel like to listen. G

Original Fiction
Lights, Action (7385 words)
In which Martin's a set ninja and Tim is impressively zen about the whole thing. NC-17

Love to an 80s Soundtrack (6330 words)
All the gift shops said you should say it with flowers. Rich Tabron preferred to say it with '80s music lyrics. NC-17

Wishful (5770 words)
Getting caught ass up on someone's kitchen floor absolutely covered with cinnamon isn't the most subtle way for a fairy to keep a low profile. Just in case you were wondering. NC-17

Real Person Slash
All Inclusive Travel Package (AU 4240 words) (AO3)
Jensen's mostly interested in doing a whole lot of nothing on his vacation, but he'll make an exception for the hot bartender who keeps making him drinks. Probably. NC-17

All the Magic I Have Known (AU 5150 words) (AO3)
All of Jared's books have the same dedication: For the one who makes wishes come true. G

All the Right Steps in the Wrong Order (AU 11,200 words) (AO3)
It's pretty much your average boy meets boy story, except for the kid with the time machine and the fact that Jensen lives in the future. PG

At First Sight (AU 7945 words) (AO3)
Once upon a time, a stable boy loved a prince who'd never seen him. Who also happened to be his best friend. PG
TIMESTAMP: At Second Sight (AU 600 words) Jensen takes off his blindfold. The results are... underwhelming. G (AO3)
TIMESTAMP: Comfort (AU 815 words) A couple years down the road. G

The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts (AU 48,000 words) (AO3)
In a world where heartbreak is a literal condition, it's Jared's job to sew, fill and patch the physical wounds left in people's hearts by lost loves, misunderstandings and betrayals. Jared's own love life is more than a little dire, largely because Jensen doesn't date and Jared doesn't do one-night stands, but he's got good friends and a job he loves, so he figures that he can't complain too much.
When a killer attacks Jensen, Jared discovers that a needle and thread, desperation and a sharp scalpel are enough to save Jensen's life, but at a cost that is going to change Jared's life forever and tie them both together in a way that goes far deeper than flesh. NC-17

Butter Me Up (700 words)
Jared's totally got this covered. Jensen's totally not convinced. G

Can't Help but See (AU 4010 words) (AO3)
Every time that Jensen thinks he's done being surprised by his boyfriend's kinks, Jared does something like this. Not that Jensen's complaining. NC-17

Choosing the Path Between the Stars (AU 785 words) (AO3)
Jared needs to solve this labyrinth. Jensen seems strangely disinclined to help. G
(gen - Jared, Jensen)

Closet Case (660 words)
In which Jensen and Jared have a great time, Chad is traumatized and Misha thinks the whole thing is sort of ironically apropos. NC-17
(Jared/Jensen; voyeur Chad and Misha)

Desperately Seeking Someone (AU 9000 words) (AO3)
After the dramatic implosion of yet another relationship, Jensen is ready to swear off love forever. Instead, he ends up trying to find a new boyfriend with what is perhaps the most unorthodox method known to man. He’ll never live it down if it actually works. 
As it turns out, Fate has a funny way of showing him that what he thought he'd been missing all along… isn't quite what he expected. PG
(Jared/Jensen, brief Jensen/Others)

Don't Even Fix a Price (AU 9050 words) (AO3)
Heroes sure have changed since Jensen became ferryman of the dead. G

Dragon Kin (AU 37,000 words) (AO3)
All it takes to turn seven year old Jensen's life upside-down is the accidental theft of a dragon egg and a dragon lord who decides that Jensen must pay for his crime by becoming the only human member of the dragon lords' clan. But at least he makes a lifelong friend in the process.
Twenty years later, Jensen's life is turned upside-down for a second time by an invading clan of harpies and the revelation that there was much more at stake in his adoption by the dragon clan than a simple matter of chance. Now, Jensen is going to find himself questioning the motives and emotions of his lifelong friend as he learns just why the dragon lords took him all those years ago and what it really means to be dragon kin. NC-17

Elegy for the Living (AU 23,250 words) (AO3)
“Great,” Jensen muttered. “I’m going into the Underworld to get my best friend's soul back armed with the power of song. How could that possibly go wrong?” A modern myth. PG (spoilery warning for temporary character death - highlight to read)

An Eloquent Silence (AU 1830 words) (AO3)
This was not what Jared had expected of a witch doctor. G

Experiments in Magnetism (AU 6570 words) (AO3)
Jared's too busy trying not to fail out of college to care that he hasn't found his soulmate yet. Honest. PG

FRAGILE - Handle with Care (AU 7380 words) (AO3)
Katie didn't freeze so much as slide into a deliberate stillness. "You… walked into a door," she repeated slowly. PG
TIMESTAMP: WARNING - Watch Your Step (AU 1210 words) Prequel The love of Jared's life just landed on his head. Not the most auspicious first meeting. G (AO3)
TIMESTAMP: CAUTION - Children at Play (AU 880 words) Jensen questions his suitability as a babysitter. G (AO3)

Gently Play upon Your Heartstrings (AU 11,615 words) (AO3)
Jensen is the superstar lead singer of the world's hottest rock band and, as such, is totally not bitter about getting turned down by Jared fucking Padalecki. Too bad the guy manages the hotel that Jensen lives in and is incredibly difficult to ignore. PG
TIMESTAMP: Split Decisions (AU 1000 words) Jared's first meeting with Jensen Ackles didn't quite go as he'd expected. G (AO3)

Gratuitous Kitten Pin-ups (AU 1665 words) (AO3)
Jared somehow manages to be a complete smoosh even while on tour. Jensen doesn't really mind. PG
TIMESTAMP: Sand, Cats and Other Hazards of Military Deployment (AU 830 words) Jared on tour. G

The Heart of Everything (AU 23,800 words) (AO3)
When Jared moved to the country, he thought he'd left loud and chaotic back in the steam-powered copper-and-stone world of the city. He was right, up until a chance encounter with a wounded runaway turned his quiet little life into a not-so-quiet little life that would need patience, trust, love and a little bit of ingenuity to keep it safe when the man's mysterious past caught up with them both. R
TIMESTAMP: Two Steps Back (AU 1170 words) 1.5 years later. Jared suffers from some friendly fire. Not quite literally. PG
TIMESTAMP: Rescuers (AU 645 words) 4 years later. Dragon saving action! G
TIMESTAMP: Here There Be (Dragons) (AU 1270 words) 8 years later. She'd thought he was dead. PG

Hey, Nobody's Perfect (AU 1070 words) (AO3)
This was not what Jensen meant when he said he wanted a friend. PG
(gen - Jared/Jensen pre-slash)

I Am the Shadow on the Moon at Night (AU 1440 words) (AO3)
Jared's been waiting a long time for this night. PG

I Go to the Sea (AU 4700 words) (AO3)
All Jensen had ever wanted was a chance to sail the circle seas. And if marrying Danneel and letting her protect his heartstone every time he left port was the only way to do that, then so be it. PG (warning for body horror)
(Jared/Jensen; Jensen/Danneel)

Judgment in Reverse (AU 30,900 words) (AO3)
In a world governed by order and logic, Jensen is a square peg in a round hole: the only person whose government-mandated prophecies are never right. When he receives a prophecy that he can't fake, however; he finds himself caught up in something that's much bigger than he realized. Something that threatens to rewrite everything he thinks he knows about the world. Something that threatens to topple the very foundations of his society.
Something that just might be magic. R

Kiss Me Once (AU 2500 words) (AO3)
Getting cursed is total bullshit. G

Misspelled (AU 9650 words) (AO3)
Jensen's not sure what he did to deserve getting magically bungee-corded to the most inept witch he's ever met, but he's more than willing to start apologizing if it'll get Jared off his back. Literally. PG
(Jared/Jensen pre-slash)

Muse FM (AU 31920 words) (AO3)
Jared's job is boring, boring, boring. As a night security guard, he protects empty buildings by sitting on his ass and watching the security cameras while listening to a lot of talk radio. Not exactly the life he dreamed of for himself but hey, it's a living.
When he gets chosen for a new job babysitting the front desk at Muse FM radio station, Jared's mostly expecting more of the same. He's not expecting Jensen, the mysterious, hoodie-wearing host of Muse FM's overnight show, to catch his interest quite so thoroughly, or to be quite so difficult to figure out. He's not expecting so many unanswered questions about what, exactly, he's supposed to be protecting Jensen from. He's also not expecting to care so much about either of those things. 
Oh, and he's definitely not expecting the monsters. PG

My Land's Only Borders (AU 2970 words) (AO3)
Jensen figures this is pretty much how a long-distance relationship works, except for the fact that the long-distance part is probably supposed to bother them both more. PG

On Frost-Tipped Feathers (AU 20015 words) (AO3)
Jensen is the Keeper of the Birds for the powerful trade city of Kerak. His life is entirely given over to his duty, until the day he stumbles over a secret hidden deep below the City Palace that has the power to destroy the entire country and will change his life forever.
An ice demon. PG

Out of Time (AU 9500 words) (AO3 link coming soon!)
It wasn't like Jensen planned to find a door to the past on his college campus; things like that just sort of happen at college. PG

Photo Ninja (700 words)
Jared's making the world a better place, one sneakily taken photo at a time. G
TIMESTAMP: The Hazards of Twitter Pics (415 words) Busted! G

Raise My Glass Half-Full (AU 1675 words) (AO3)
Blizzards and bartender-ogling should not be Jensen's idea of a rewarding night out. G

Say It with Candy (1280 words)
Jensen's acting weird. Jared mostly just wants candy, until he doesn't. PG

Silberwald (AU 7730 words) (AO3)
A modern fairy tale in which Jensen isn't a princess, but he still likes dancing, Jared is definitely not a knight in shining armour, and the homeless guy across the street is surprisingly knowledgeable about sinister goings-on. PG

The Stars Look Very Different Today (non-AU!AU 2610 words) (AO3)
It started with a headache. PG
(Either Jared/Jensen or gen, take your pick)

Summer to Your Heart (AU 7030 words) (AO3)
Being a human dating a fae is hard enough without adding disapproving family members into the mix. Especially if there's a chance that they might turn him into a tree if they don't like him. G
TIMESTAMP: The Promise of Spring (AU 835 words) In which Jared is a terrible lecturer but manages to be inspiring in his own way nonetheless. G (AO3

Superheroes Suck, or, The Unfortunately Extraordinary Life of Jensen Ackles (AU 33,100 words) (AO3)
Jensen hates superheroes. Having grown up with not one, but two, of them in the family, he's more than aware of just how much having a spandex-clad alter ego can cock up the rest of your life. Luckily, his own powers tend towards the more passive, hippie florist side of things which - while embarrassing - means that all that superhero crap is someone else's problem.
Or it would, if not for the frequent interference of superhero-obsessed friends, hostage situations, hotshot new superheroes and irritating relatives. Not to mention a boyfriend who has the uncanny ability to go missing whenever bad things are going down somewhere else in the city.
Sometimes, Jensen's life is kind of bullshit. NC-17
TIMESTAMP: My Dress Code Encourages Spandex (AU 775 words) Prequel. Jared, a laundry room and a lot of green spandex. G

Sweet Touch (AU 3570 words) (AO3)
Jared loves being a dessert chef even if catering wedding showers doesn't do much for his love life. Of course, this is the first time he's met a maid of honour who isn't a girl. PG
TIMESTAMP: The Art of Not Helping (AU 460 words) Jensen cooks. Jared fidgets. G

Terms of Engagement (AU 15,000 words) (AO3 link coming soon!)
This wedding was pretty much guaranteed to be a clusterfuck of monumental proportions even before Jared decided that it would be a good idea to convince the ridiculously good-looking spy to pretend to be his fiancé. Especially when Mr. Hot Spy has his own reasons for being at the resort. That might just get Jared killed. Sometimes, Jared makes really bad life choices. PG

They Say I'm a Dreamer (AU 1500 words) (AO3)
In which Jensen's kind of a shy tool and his coworkers are totally sick of him failing to talk to the hot guy in the elevator. G
TIMESTAMP: The Pre-Question Question (AU 715 words) Jensen is not going to panic. G

To the Stars and Back (AU 58,700 words)
90% of the human race thinks the Solar System is an alien free zone. They're all wrong, but luckily there are people around who make sure that what they don't known can't hurt them. Jensen was one of these people until his job got axed, but he and his Earth boyfriend, Jared, are about to have the chance to change that. Question is, how will a relationship based primarily on clever banter and really hot sex fare when they're dealing with a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the entire world? NC-17
TIMESTAMP: On the Job Training (AU 425 words) Jared's idea of what constitutes 'vital knowledge' could use a little work. G
TIMESTAMP: Still Looking for the Second Star to the Right (AU 1230 words) The idiot's guide to how not to see the universe. PG (AO3)
TIMESTAMP: Negotiations (AU 680 words) Jensen has really got to stop letting Jared go out in public without supervision. G (AO3)

The Truth Spinner: A Beginner's Guide to Goth Wizardy (AU 4710 words) (AO3)
Even for New York, a wizard duel between a giant goth and a graffiti-slinging hobo is beyond weird. Maybe if Jensen's lucky, he's hallucinating the entire thing. PG

Untitled and Unrepentant Clothes Sharing Ficlet (430 words) (AO3)
What it says on the tin. G

Volunteer Firemen Do It for Free! (AU 1330 words)
There were a pair of legs hanging out of the tree on Jensen's front lawn. G
TIMESTAMP: Green Alcohol Kisses (AU 670 words) Jared's birthday brings all the drunkards to the yard. Jared included. PG

The Waiting Seems Eternity (AU 5305 words) (AO3)
Jensen Ackles was born 2800 years ago in the once-great empire of Assyria. He is Immortal and he is not alone. For millennia he has hidden the truth of his immortality and he has fought to keep from losing his head - and his life - to another Immortal seeking his power. He has met many people in his life, both mortals and Immortals.
He has never met anyone like Jared. (NC-17)

When I Wore a Younger Man's Clothes (AU 1990 words)
Jensen hates ice-breaker games, Misha has a talent for stealing clothes and Jared likes Jensen pink. PG
TIMESTAMP: Persuasion (AU 560 words) Jensen's not going to let Jared convince him. Really. G

When You're a Professional Pirate (AU 3740 words) (AO3)
Jared's kind of in love with his first mate. Jensen kind of hasn't noticed. PG
PODFIC: When You're a Professional Pirate recorded by oddishly
TIMESTAMP: Mug Shots (AU 510 words) Prequel. Is it really so bad to want accurate wanted posters? G
TIMESTAMP: Always in the Best of Company (AU 810 words) Jared is the only captain that Jensen needs and he intends to keep it that way. PG (AO3)

With a Talent Like Yours (AU 5260 words) (AO3)
Jensen figured that traveling with a wizard would be a lot easier if the man's damn familiar didn't hate him. PG
PODFIC: With a Talent Like Yours recorded by oddishly

Your Princess Is in Another Castle (AU 12,600 words) (AO3)
It's not easy being a video game Bad Guy. Luckily, Jared is awesome and everyone likes him anyway. Now all he has to do is convince the attractive, antisocial Good Guy from the arcade's newest First Person Shooter that being a Bad Guy isn't a bad thing. And that they should totally date. PG

Verses and Sequels - Real Person Slash
-Learn to Glow-
Learn to Glow for Other's Good (AU 9900 words) (AO3)
In which Jensen is an empath and Jared is insanely cheerful and completely incapable of leaving well enough alone. PG
PODFIC: Learn to Glow for Other's Good recorded by applegeuse

Hearts Have Colours (AU 2500) (AO3)
Jensen contemplates his feelings and tells Chris the truth about his bond with Jared. Chris contemplates homicide. PG
PODFIC: Hearts Have Colours recorded by applegeuse

Adjustments (AU 900 words)
Level fives can do more than just receive emotions. G
PODFIC: Adjustments recorded by applegeuse

Kaleidoscope (AU 31,140) (AO3)
This isn't a story about why Jensen, one of the most powerful empaths in the world, fell in love with a Normal person like Jared. Instead, it's a story about his life before Jared arrived, and after.
So perhaps it really is a story about why he fell in love, after all. NC-17

-The Waters and the Wild-
Primroses (AU 4400 words) (AO3)
In which Jensen gets a stalker who turns out to be rather more than meets the eye. PG
(gen - Jared/Jensen preslash)

17 A.W. (After Winchester) (AU 26,300 words) (AO3)
Ever since the Deamhanan destroyed the Earth and his dad abandoned him, Sam has spent his life in space, going out with a whimper along with the rest of the human race. When a stranger named Dean tells Sam that he's the key to finding a weapon capable of killing the Deamhanan, Sam gets swept up in a fight he never wanted to be a part of and finds himself far more attracted to Dean than he wants to be. PG (spoilery warning for incest - highlight to read)

Bedtime Politics (970 words) (AO3)
Weechester fic. Dean's getting better at putting Sammy to bed, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great big pain. G
(gen - Sam, Dean)

Equal Opportunity (1800 words)
Dean does Hollywood the supernatural world. Sam is unenthused. PG

Falling as the World Falls Down (AU 5250 words) (AO3)
Post season-five AU. In which Sam swoops to Dean's rescue - literally - but Dean isn't sure he likes where this is going. PG (warning for incest)

Frater Lupinus (AU 17,615 words) (AO3)
Sam's older brother is, and always has been, a wolf. It doesn't make much sense to Sam, but it's still an undeniable fact of life. Or, at least it is until Dean gets caught in the wrong spell and Sam ends up with a human-shaped brother who's surprisingly unhappy with the situation. Sam's always known that Dean would take a secret to the grave if he thought it was in Sam's best interests. He wasn't expecting a secret like this. PG
(gen - Sam, Dean, Bobby)

Gonna Make It Feel Like Home (2260 words) (AO3)
Sam's not sure if Dean's just being an ass or if this actually is his idea of how one goes about buying a house. PG (warning for incest)
TIMESTAMP: Ever So Humble (930 words) It's funny, the things you miss. G

An Influence More Powerful (2045 words) (AO3)
Touchstone [noun] - a criterion or standard by which something is judged or recognized. G
(gen - Sam, Dean)

The Last Straw (815 words) (AO3)
Mid-season 5 AU. Sam's had enough. R
(gen - Sam, Dean)

Plan B (3200 words)
Dean totally isn't complaining about being bait. R

Somewhere Between Hell and the Sky (AU 17,760 words) (AO3)
Ever since their mom was killed in a dragon attack on the city of Lawrence, Sam and Dean have earned their living as dragon hunters. It's a decent enough gig, until Sam fails to die after being doused with dragon fire and promptly starts acting strangely even by his standards. And Dean would like to help, but between the dragons apparently being very interested in Sam and Sam apparently being very not interested in Dean's help, he's not sure what problem to tackle first. PG (warning for incest)

Spring Fever (1880 words) (AO3)
It's Sam's first spring at Stanford and all he can think about is what he's missing. PG
(gen - Sam, Dean)

Snowdrifts (1660 words) (AO3)
Christmas on the side of the road. PG
(gen - Sam, Dean)

So Charismatic with an Automatic (2515 words) (AO3)
Weechester fic. Dean takes it upon himself to further Sam's hunter education. G
(gen - Sam, Dean)

Washed Weary (2005 words) (AO3)
It's been a long day and Sam just wants to get clean and go to bed. Dean is unexpectedly helpful. PG (warning for incest)


Blood Lines (crossover with Kingdom Hearts 515 words)
It was fascinating to watch him bleed. NC-17 (warning for death play)

On Edge (790 words)
Lessons have never been so complicated. G
(one-sided Maiza/Firo)

Back to the Future
No Little Plans (11781 words) - only available on AO3
In which Doc plans a road trip, Marty finds himself in mortal peril, and they'd both be completely doomed without Einstein there to keep things running smoothly. PG
(gen- Marty, Doc, Einstein)

The Bijou
The Jewel Thieves (AU 4610 words)
The Casmillian resistance to the Hanaein invasion has proven to be much stronger than anticipated. The most dangerous of these insurgents are known simply as the Jewel Thieves. PG

Plunder (AU 4730 words)
In which Jasper is a pirate and Cobalt is having a bad day. NC-17 (warning for non-con)

Bus Gamer
Tension Break (2235 words)
Nobuto invites Kazuo over to play video games. Too bad Kazuo doesn't get the double entendre. PG

Time to Kill (1870 words)
Toki was on edge tonight. Problem was, Nobuto knew it. NC-17

Cowboy Bebop
Stone Crazy (AU crossover with Final Fantasy VII 1730 words)
The Bebop goes after an escaped convict from Midgar Prison - only Jet thinks they could use some extra help bringing this one in. PG
(gen - Spike, Jet, Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud)

D Gray-Man
The Deserving (AU 3575)
Of gods and men, and what said gods do to keep themselves amused on off days. R (warning for gore)

DN Angel
Handy (785 words)
Is this sex or masturbation? NC-17

I'm Not a Locksmith, Dammit (1280 words)
This is the dumbest heist they've ever been on. PG-13

Doctor Who
The Adventures of the Brilliantly Reckless (crossover with Star Trek AOS 2300 words) (AO3)
The thing is, Jim's never been all that good at turning down the opportunity to get in trouble. G
(gen - Kirk, the Doctor)

When the Road Looks Rough Ahead (crossover with BBC Sherlock 4400 words) (AO3)
The Doctor decides that John needs a friend. Luckily, he knows just the man. G
(gen - John, the Doctor, Canton Everett Delware III)

Dresden Files
Rhyme Without Reason (10,300 words) (AO3)
Takes place a few months after the events of Blood Rites. Harry's got a new dog, a new brother and a slew of cases that centre around vanishing animals with anger management issues. Sometimes his life is weird even for him. G
(gen - Harry, Thomas, Mouse, Mister)
TIMESTAMP: Three Dog Night (790 words) Harry takes his new dog and his new brother for a walk. It's not as miserable as it could be. G

Fullmetal Alchemist
30 Kisses - the Roy/Ed Way (9200 words)
Thirty ways a kiss could go. Ratings range from G to NC-17.

Interdem (AU 5735 words)
Central's ID Division has an unauthorized interloper to apprehend. Unsurprisingly, things do not go according to plan. PG
(gen - ensemble; pre-Roy/Ed undertones)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Return, Resume, Refigure (680 words) - only available on AO3
Chiaki comes back. Things are the same, but not quite. Chiaki isn't sure he minds. G

Hands Off!
Crush (1345 words)
Maybe Yuuto's a big flirt because he knows the one he really wants he can't have. G
(one-sided Yuuto/Kotarou)

Howl's Moving Castle
For the Sake of (730 words)
They were arguing again. G

Pro Patria (125 words)
Howl hates being responsible. G
(gen - Howl)

Dire Circumstances (725 words)
They've stayed in worse places. G
(gen - Gon, Killua)

Lackadaisy Cats
Altercation (560 words) - only available on AO3
Pre-comic. Atlas calls Mordecai and Viktor into his office to discuss an unfortunate... incident. G
(gen - Viktor, Mordecai)

Lilo and Stitch
A Very Important Day (780 words) - only available on AO3
An older Lilo, a mid-morning swim and a super exciting, awfully important event. G
(gen - Lilo, Stitch)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Never Mind, I'll Catch Up as We Go (1655 words) - only available on AO3
Mostly this is just banter. There is nothing in here but banter. Not even gonna pretend otherwise. Post-filming interactions between Simon, Josh and Martin.
(gen- Simon Amstell, Martin Freeman, Josh Groban)

Ouran High School Host Club
Cherry Blossom Picnic Day (725 words)
It was Cherry Blossom Picnic Day at the Host Club. G
(gen - ensemble)

Persona 3
Going Postal (1300 words)
The intrepid trio go on their first foray into Tartarus and Junpei questions his sanity. G
(gen - Junpei, Minato, Yukari)

Needs Must (400 words)
It's better than explaining. NC-17

Petshop of Horrors
Brotherly (4800 words) (AO3)
Chris makes a new friend, Leon gets rained on and most people/creatures learn a little something about what it means to be family. G
(gen - Chris, T-chan, Pon-chan, D, Leon; D/Leon undertones)

Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists!
Pirates! In an Adventure with Librarians! (4925 words) - only available on AO3
"You there," the Pirate Captain said. "Librarian with a Scarf."
(gen - Pirate Captain/Pirate with a Scarf pre-slash undertones)

Pirates of the Caribbean
A Question of Trust (crossover with Final Fantasy XII 1470 words)
The problem with being one of the good guys is that it often conflicts with the basic nature of being a pirate. G-PG
(Jack Sparrow/Balthier/Vaan)

Silver and Gold (875 words)
He'd known this was coming. He just couldn't remember why he was supposed to be concerned. R
(Jack Sparrow/Will)

Pride and Prejudice
Next Step (1475 words)
Darcy and Bingley discuss women and dancing - but it's the things left unsaid that remain far more compelling. G
(one-sided Mr. Darcy/Mr. Bingley)

Prince of Tennis
Hyotei Kisses (7700 words)
Thirty ways a kiss could go. Ratings range from G to NC-17.

Jirou's 'Top Five Things Worth Waking Up For' Drabble (165 words)
What it says on the tin. G

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
The Adventures of the Brilliantly Reckless (crossover with Doctor Who 2300 words) (AO3)
The thing is, Jim's never been all that good at turning down the opportunity to get in trouble. G
(gen - Kirk, the Doctor)

Teen Wolf
Here I Come Wassailing (830 words)
It's Christmas Eve and Stiles is standing on Derek's front porch. What the hell. G
(gen - Derek/Stiles pre-slash ish)

Bonded to Life (1630 words) - only available on AO3
There are worse fates than death - especially for those who cross Brandin of Ygrath. G (spoiler warning!)
(gen - Brandin, Valentin) (highlight to read)

Fires (2200 words) - only available on AO3
After the final battle, Baerd contemplates the losses he's suffered and the friend he has to say goodbye to again. G (spoiler warning!)
(gen - Baerd)

Together, Our Direction Is Up (3255 words) - only available on AO3
In the end, neither of them are fully themselves without the other. G
(gen - Tintin, Haddock)

Trouble (200 words) - only available on AO3
Tintin and Captain Haddock discuss Tintin's habit of attracting trouble. G
(gen - Tintin, Haddock; Tintin/Haddock undertones)

Over Drinks (crossover with Final Fantasy VII 3100 words)
You always hear about the pain of those who are left behind, but what about those who have to go on ahead? G
(Zack/Cloud/Aeris; Vash/Wolfwood undertones)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Different Perspective, Same Argument (305 words)
There's always got to be a catch. PG

Dreams and Memories (440 words)
In her dreams, she lives a life where she remembers him. G

Twelve Kingdoms
Half and Half (2330 words)
Shouryuu and Enki question some of their beliefs about life in En. G

Vagrant Story
Compatibility (1000 words) - only available on AO3
Post-game. Ashley practices using the Rood-Inverse under Sydney's supervision. It doesn't go well. G

Weiß Kreuz
Schweiß (125 words)
Watching the world bleed. PG
(gen - Farfarello, Schuldig)

Whiskey in the Jar
Jailbreak (625 words) - only available on AO3
He knew his brother would help him out. PG (warning for incest)

Wild Adapter
Totally Screwed (400 words) - only available on AO3
Komiya has come to a realization about the new Izumo gang leader. PG
(one-sided Kubota/Komiya)

Yami no Matsuei
In the Name of Science (1285 words)
Watari needs Tatsumi's help in the lab. G
(gen - Tatsumi/Watari pre-slash)

Third Time's the... (125 words)
Tsuzuki + library = angry Gushoshin. G
(gen - Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Gushoshin)

Zap! Online
Not Enough (380 words)
He's missed having Zap like this. NC-17

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