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Say It with Candy (CW RPS, J2)

Look at me pretending to be prolific!

Title: Say It with Candy
Fandom: CW RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1280
Warnings: boykissing and swearing
A/N: Written for the prompt 'Jensen proposes with personalized M&Ms' at bree_black's Let's Get Gay Married! comment fic meme. Originally posted here.

Summary: Jensen's acting weird. Jared mostly just wants candy, until he doesn't.

"Dude," Jared said, eyes cutting away from the TV to watch Jensen kick the trailer door shut behind him. "Where have you been? How am I supposed to kick your ass at Madden if you're not here?"

"Like you could, bitch." Jensen slumped down on the other end of the couch and propped Dean's boots up on the edge of the table. "And some of us actually have work to do round here, you slacker. Remember?"

Jared made a thinking face. "Doesn't ring any bells, sorry."

Jensen's eyes rolled. "There's a shocker." He shifted lower in his seat, nervous tension radiating from every limb and Jared frowned.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Jensen waved him off, eyes darting away. "Just sick of crying. How about next time you play the guy with the angsty man-pain and I be the dork?"

"But you look so pretty when you cry, baby," Jared teased, ignoring the fuzzy sort of feeling he got from thinking about them acting together some day in the future.

Jensen gave him the finger. "Call me baby again and I'm going to start throwing knives at you instead of the dartboard, fucker."

Jared scoffed. "I can run faster than the dartboard."

"You're also the size of a small country. I think I'll manage."

Jared cocked his head thoughtfully. "Does it make me a bad person if I want to turn that into a dirty joke?"

"Yes," Jensen said. He grinned, tired but real, and god, but Jared loved moments like this. He didn't think he was ever not going to want to have pointless conversations with Jensen.

Unless they were having sex, maybe, though that had never really stopped them before.

"You done for the day?" he asked and was disappointed but unsurprised when Jensen shook his head.

"They want to reshoot the scene with Misha from this morning," Jensen said. He shrugged. "I figured I'd slum around with you while they're setting up."

Jared waited a beat, then fluttered his eyelashes. "Aw, you wanted to keep me company? Jensen Ackles, you're my hero."

"Enough of your blah blah blah." Jensen raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you going to come the fuck over here and kiss me or what?"

Jared sighed. "I have to do all the work in this relationship."

He slid across the couch and Jensen reached out to pull him in close, settling one hand on his shoulder and the other low on his back. Jensen's cheeks were greasy with makeup against Jared's palms, but they'd both had more than enough practice to keep from smearing it too badly. Jared brushed his lips against Jensen's in a gentle request and Jensen hummed in satisfaction, mouth opening under Jared's. Jared slipped into that soft, wet warmth and found the tastes of coffee and chocolate sharp on Jensen's tongue.

He made a soft, startled noise and drew back.

"Mm, no," Jensen muttered nonsensically, fingers tightening in Jared's hair, and the sight of him all flushed and needy very nearly had Jared diving back in to carry on where he'd left off.

But there was something more important at stake here. "You've been holding out on me," he accused and Jensen blinked at him.


Jared swiped a thumb across Jensen's full lower lip and brought it to his own mouth, licking off the heady tang of Jensen and chocolate. Jensen's eyes followed his every move, hot and hungry. "You have candy and you're not sharing."

Jensen blinked again. "Am I getting cockblocked by your sugar addiction?" he demanded incredulously.

"Maybe," Jared allowed.

Jensen blew out a frustrated breath. "Remind me again why I like you?"

"Please?" Jared asked. "We can make out later."

"I have to be back on set in like, five minutes."

Jared pouted at him. "Jeeeeensssen."

"Jaaaaarrrrred," Jensen answered in kind. He sighed. "You're seriously not going to make out with me if I don't give you candy?"

"Afraid not," Jared said cheerfully. "Candy is very serious business, you know."

"Christ." Jensen fumbled his way to his feet and Jared was torn between helping him up and keeping him exactly where he was.

A not-so-gentle jab of Jensen's elbow into his ribs neatly tipped the scales towards the former.

"I was going to give them to you later," Jensen grumbled, an edge to his voice that Jared couldn't read. "Impatient bastard." He dug a bag out of his, Dean's, pocket and lobbed it at Jared's head. "Here."

"M&Ms!" Jared exclaimed, sticking a hand in the bag and popping a half dozen into his mouth in one go. Jensen watched him, obviously waiting for something, and Jared beamed him. "You're awesome."

Jensen's answering smile was strangely wan. "You know it."

Jensen stood there for a moment longer, looking awkward in his own skin in a way that Jared wasn't used to at all. Jared paused with a handful of M&Ms halfway to his mouth.


"Hm? Oh, s'nothing." Jensen flashed him a PR grin and was heading for the door before Jared's mind had finished processing just how wrong that was.

He half rose out of his chair. "Je-"

"You enjoy your ecstatic rendezvous with the candy," Jensen said over one shoulder, deliberately avoiding eye contact. "I'm going to my trailer to... do something. See you later."

The door banged shut behind him and Jared frowned, wondering if he'd genuinely offended Jensen with his candy thieving. Which didn't sound like a Jensen kind of reaction, but Jared was damned if he could think of a better explanation.

He sighed and looked morosely down at the pile of M&Ms leaving little smudges of red and pink all over his palm. Melts in your mouth, his ass. Then he blinked, looked closer and immediately fumbled in the bag for a fresh handful.

His hand was shaking just slightly as he picked up a new M&M between his thumb and forefinger and turned it around to read the neat white text.

Will you marry me?

M&Ms scattered across the floor as Jared bolted out the door, terrifying PAs left and right in his rush to get to Jensen's trailer.

Jensen looked over as the door banged open, hope and fear scrawled in equal measures across his face, and Jared had him backed up against the wall in seconds, catching Jensen's mouth in a hungry kiss that Jensen readily returned.

"Fucker," Jared gasped between kisses, letting Jensen suck the taste of chocolate off his tongue this time round. "Couldn't just-"

"What?" Jensen asked, breathing hard and holding on tight. "Beach at sunset? Flowers and candlelight?"

Jared tilted Jensen's head back, sealing their mouths even closer together. "You don't, ah, think I- deserve flowers?"

Jensen nipped warningly at his lower lip. "You saying you woulda preferred 'em?"

"Well." Jared bit Jensen right back, worrying Jensen's lip until it was slick and swollen. "It is traditional."

"And my way was personal," Jensen growled. "That was fucking romantic, asshole."

Jared paused, then shuddered as Jensen started trailing kisses down his throat. "Okay, yeah, it was."

"I'm glad you approve." Jensen looked up at him, a quiet sort of joy bright in his eyes. "You ever gonna give me an answer?"

"It's a yes," Jared said instantly, tugging Jensen back up where he belonged and punctuating each word with a kiss. "Yes- yes- yes- yes- yes!"

Jensen laughed. "Okay then." His head tilted. "You still want to eat M&Ms instead of making out?"

"Not right now," Jared assured him. "But we're totally having personalized M&Ms at the wedding."

Jensen's smile was a wonderful thing to see. And Jared had a whole lifetime of it to look forward to. "Guess I can live with that."

Tags: challenge: meme, fandom: cwrps, pairing: jared/jensen, slacker is me
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