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Dearest Yuletider,

First of all, thank you for being you! You are a superstar for participating and I'm sure that I shall love whatever wonderful thing you are cooking up for me.

I tend to be pretty flexible in terms of what I like to read. I requested these characters because I love them all and I want to see them be their awesome selves. I'm a sucker for banter, affection of all sorts, extraordinary characters in ordinary situations, competency, cleverness and humour. I'm not a fan of extreme OOCness or deathfic (not even for Mulberry, sorry).

I'm a sucker for happy endings, but more in the sense that I like to see my characters at least ambiguously well-off rather than yearning desperately for fluff. My requests this year are pretty lighthearted, but please don't take that to mean you can't add some angst or bittersweet in there if it works for you.

And a little more about what I love about these fandoms:

Wild Adapter
Minekura's sense of humour slays me every time, which is only made better by her beautiful art and compelling stories. Kubota's quiet amusement and Tokito's brash innocence just mesh together so well and I love the fact that their relationship (however you want to interpret that) is no less strong for all the secrets and half-truths between them.

I grew up watching this show and I think it is one of the world's great tragedies that it got cancelled so soon. Mulberry might be one of my favourite TV people in all ever: sweet, determined and all the right kinds of crazy. I love how no one ever really seems to know what to do with him, but they'd all be completely bereft if he wasn't around. And, of course, the very British sense of humour here never fails to make me grin.

Honeydew Syndrome
I'm really more of a fan of the first half of this comic than the second; Metis is such a lovable spaz and Josh is the dorkiest quarterback in the world. The little touches of humour in this comic are awesome and the authors do a great job of hitting all the stereotypes of high school life without actually making any of the characters conform to unrealistic, 2D prejudices.

You're welcome to poke round my LJ if you want any more ideas about the sorts of stuff that catches my interest. I've also got a mirror site up on Dreamwidth if that's your preferred playground.

To recap: you're fantastic. ^_^ I hope you have fun!

Tags: challenge: yuletide
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