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Volunteer Firemen Do It for Free! (CWRPS AU, J2)

This should not have taken nearly so long to get written.

Title: Volunteer Firemen Do It for Free!
Fandom: CW RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Word count: 1330
A/N: Written for ordinaryink who asked for J2 and kittens! Sorry it took so long, hon!

Summary: There were a pair of legs hanging out of the tree on Jensen's front lawn.

There were a pair of legs hanging out of the tree on Jensen's front lawn.

Jensen paused at the end of his driveway, ignoring Oscar's plaintive whine at the abrupt halt. He blinked a couple of times but the legs were still there, kicking slightly as they looked for leverage on the slippery bark. His first thought was that it had to be his neighbour's kids fucking around again, but those legs looked rather too long to belong to either of those little brats. Hell, those work boots looked big enough that he could have shoved an entire kid inside each of 'em and still had room left over.

Which made him wonder what the hell a giant was doing in his tree.

"Did you get her?" a voice piped up suddenly, and Jensen blinked again when he realized that there was a little girl in a blue sundress standing beneath the tree, staring up into the leaves with a worried frown.

"Almost," a strong, masculine voice answered, from somewhere among the leaves. The legs kicked again, creeping steadily higher, and Jensen watched as they disappeared into the tree, the soles of those heavy boots just visible as they braced against the lowest branch.

"Don't scare her," the girl said. "She's fast."

"I'll be careful, I promise." More leaves rustled. "Hey there, Meridian," the voice said gently, not to the little girl this time. "Come on, sweetheart, m'not gonna hurt you. That's it."

The little girl waited impatiently while the voice continued speaking in that low, soothing tone; Jensen suspected that she'd have been up the tree in a flash if she'd been able to reach the branches. The leaves were still now and Jensen ignored the indignant tug of Oscar's leash against his belt as he watched the whole thing play out.

"There you go," the voice said finally, quiet triumph colouring the words. "Such a good girl."

"Did you get her?" the girl asked again, obviously unable to wait any longer. "Are you coming down now?"

"We sure are," the voice said. "But I need you to move back for me, okay? Or else you might end up a Noelle pancake if I slip."

The girl, Noelle apparently, giggled and stepped obediently back. Leaves started rustling again and Jensen nearly bit his tongue when those legs turned out to belong to a tall, jacked, seriously hot guy who was holding a little striped ball of fluff in one huge hand while he used the other to climb down smoothly out of the tree.

If that guy turned out be even the slightest bit gay, Jensen was going to take it as a sign that God totally loved him.

Noelle darted forward as soon as the guy's feet hit the ground, short arms reaching up for the cat. "Meridian!"

"She's just fine," the guy said, crouching down on one knee to return the cat. "But you and Meridian need to be more careful about playing outside, okay? I won't always be here to help."

"Yes, Mr. Fireman," Noelle said gravely, which made the guy's grin quirk. She hugged the cat tight enough that it mewed in protest and Jensen thought that he'd probably have run off too, if that had been him. "Can I go now?"

The guy chuckled and waved a hand. "Go on then, squirt. Your mom's probably wondering where you've got to."

"Thank you, Mr. Fireman!" Noelle flashed him a huge, gap-toothed grin and then she was off down the street, the cat held tightly in her arms.

The guy shook his head and shifted to his feet, that quiet little smile still on his face. He turned towards the sidewalk and froze, blinking at Jensen who was still standing at the end of the driveway and staring at him like an absolute creeper.

"Um?" the guy said and Jensen knew that he really ought to be thinking of something witty and charming to say right about now. Too bad his brain was still caught somewhere in the vicinity of the guy's belt buckle.

Thankfully, Oscar chose that moment to decide that he was tired of waiting for his human to get with the program. He woofed and strained insistently against the leash, half-strangling himself in the process of trying to drag Jensen towards the house. Which he failed at miserably. Dumb dog.

But Oscar's antics made the guy's smile return and Jensen, never one to be a complete idiot, unhooked Oscar's leash from his belt and let him race across the lawn, bee-lining straight for Mr. Tall, Hot and Tree-climbing.

"Hey there, buddy," the guy said, back down on the ground in an instant so he could greet Oscar properly. Oscar barked happily, practically melting under the carding brush of long fingers through his fur. "You're a happy little guy, aren't you? Yes you are!"

Jensen ambled forward with all the confidence he could muster and the guy glanced up. "You've got a lovely dog," he said, dimples popping out on his cheeks as he smiled. "What's his name? Her name?"

"His name. It's Oscar." Jensen offered the guy a charming smile of his own. "And mine's Jensen. This is my lawn you're standing on."

"Technically I'm kneeling on it right now," the guy said, grinning in a way that Jensen could absolutely get used to. The guy gave Oscar one final pat and stood, stretching out a hand. "Jared. Sorry about invading your tree, but there was a kitten emergency."

"I noticed." Jared's grip was strong and firm, his hand practically engulfing Jensen's in a way that made Jensen think very complimentary things about proportionality. "So are you actually a firefighter or is that the kitten-in-tree equivalent of a superhero name?"

Jared laughed. "Both, actually. Though they never let me get away with the second one down at the station."

"I wonder why." Jensen arched an eyebrow. "I didn't know that firefighters really got kittens out of trees. Is there a hotline for that?"

Jared's cheeks pinked slightly, which really should not have been so adorable on a guy as big and ripped as Jared was. "It's not exactly in the job description, but Noelle lives down the street from me and it wasn't like I could refuse a damsel in distress. Goes against my firefighter code."

"Wow," said Jensen. "Aren't you just 100% good old-fashioned American boy?"

"Well," Jared said, in a tone of voice that boded all sorts of awesome things for Jensen's immediate future. "Maybe not completely." The look in his eyes was not even a little bit subtle.

Jensen grinned. "Yeah? So if I wanted to thank you for being such a good Samaritan by, say, taking you out to dinner..."

Jared grinned back. "I could probably be convinced, yeah."

"Good. Because I am totally not above making Oscar chase cats into trees if that's what it takes to get you back here. Just so you know."

Jared glanced down at Oscar, who was jumping up at them in patent doggy ecstasy. "He does look like a vicious cat-chaser," he agreed.

"You know it." Jensen tilted an inviting smile Jared's way. "So, dinner tonight?"

Jared shook his head. "Can't," he said regretfully. "I'm on the late shift." He hesitated for a second, then added, "But I know a great little dog-friendly coffee shop round the corner, if you're not busy."

"Done," Jensen said immediately. He threw Jared a wink. "Wouldn't want to shirk my civic duty, you know."

"Of course not," Jared said, shamelessly checking out Jensen's ass when he bent down to refasten Oscar's leash. "Just out of curiosity, how far does your commitment to doing your duty go?"

Jensen straightened and threw him a wicked grin. "How about you take me for that coffee and we'll find out, Mr. Firefighter."

"You know," Jared said, as they started down the driveway. "I would've chased Noelle's cat into your tree ages ago if I'd known it would turn out like this."

"Just what I like to hear."


Timestamp: Green Alcohol Kisses
Tags: challenge: gift fic, fandom: cwrps, genre: au, pairing: jared/jensen
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