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Top 5 Babble

So I clearly don't write enough drabbles. Here's one that was kind of stolen from solanum_d, then warped to suit my less-than-sane mind.

A Five Things meme with a twist.

5. Tennis practice – because tennis is fun and so are the Hyotei Regulars, even if Hiyoshi would sneer at him for saying so.

4. The bus stop near his house – because it takes an extra two hours to get home if the bus operator wakes you up at the end of his route (and an extra nine if he doesn’t wake you up at the end of his route and you have to wait till morning to get out of the garage).

3. A tennis match with Fuji Syusuke – because his triple counters are super cool and Jirou wants to see how many tries it takes until he can beat them.

2. A tennis match with Atobe Keigo – because Atobe’s the best there is and there’s nothing more fun than playing with the best.

1. Actually, pretty much anything involving Atobe – because even since Jirou kissed him that one time, Atobe’s getting pretty good at making even the simplest things worth waking up for.

ETA: And feel free to drop off drabble requests whenever you like. No restrictions on fandom, but I'll let you know if it's something I don't know/follow well enough to write for.
Tags: drabble, fandom: prince of tennis, pairing: atobe/jirou
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