It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

National Theatre's Frankenstein

Saw the National Theatre's performance of Frankenstein at the movie theatre yesterday, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Creature and Jonny Lee Miller playing Dr. Frankenstein.

Verdict = AWESOME :D

So well acted, amazing minimalist set work and a fantastic retelling of the novel with a focus on the Creature's POV. And damn, does National Theatre Live know how to record a live performance; it was almost like being there, noise from the audience before and after the show included. I can absolutely see why they did so well on the awards circuit this year.

Going back again next week to see them switch roles because this play was just stunning. EDIT 06/21/12: Saw the reverse version last night and it was also awesome. It was fascinating to see two very talented actors tackle the same roles and see where their performances were similar and where they differed. I especially enjoyed seeing the differences in how their creatures moved/stood/held themselves.

Final verdict = SUPER AWESOME :D :D :D Seriously. Go see this if you can find a local theatre showing it (on Saturday, probably). So good.
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