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Dearest Santa,

First and foremost, thank you for participating in this challenge and giving me the opportunity to receive an awesome Yule gift from you! You're awesome. ^_^

I will quite happily enjoy gen, het or slash for any of my prompts, with any rating. I requested these fandoms because I love them and I want to see the characters be their awesome, flawed but wonderful selves. I'm a sucker for banter, affection of all sorts, teamwork, competency, humour, awesome characters being awesome, bravery and overcoming the odds.

I'm a sucker for happy endings, but more in the sense that I like to see my characters at least ambiguously well-off rather than yearning desperately for fluff. With the possible exception of 07-Ghost, my requests this year are rather lighthearted, but please don't take that to mean you can't add some angst or bittersweet in there if it works for you. A mood that's appropriate to the story you're telling is the best thing in my opinion so don't be afraid to include whatever you believe is most true to the characters. I'm not a fan of extreme OOCness or deathfic.

And if you want more detail about why I love these fandoms:

Pirates! Band of Misfits - See the trailer here
God, this film was such a fun romp. I adore the sense of humour - even (especially?) when the jokes are colossally over the top - the characters are wonderful and surprisingly multi-dimensional at times, and the whole story just leaves me with that wonderful feel-good sensation characteristic of Aardman Animation's work. Pirate with a Scarf is probably my favourite character - I love his long-suffering tolerance of the Pirate Captain's many idiosyncracies and his steadfast loyalty to the Captain and the crew - and the friendship between him and the Pirate Captain added some interesting depth to both of their characters. I'll freely admit that I could totally see them as boyfriends, but I'm also perfectly happy when they're 'just' shipmates and partners out to do a really poor job of conquering the seven seas. The supporting cast was also excellent and I'll never get enough of the crew.

Love Actually - See the trailer here
Another feel-good movie that I love for its ability to showcase love in many forms, even forms that don't result in happy endings. All the stories make me smile, laugh and sigh in touching and sometimes heartbreaking ways (though I'll admit that I find Colin's story to be more than a little silly). I would be delighted to see any of the couples (or moresomes) explored further, especially since this film did such a good job of making it clear that even true love doesn't always run smoothly, but that those challenges often just makes it worth more.

07-Ghost - Read the manga here
This manga's had more than a few twists and turns along the way and sometimes I have no idea what's going on, but I absolutely adore the characters and the more recent issues have been bringing things together in a way that makes me hunger for more. I love the world that Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara have created and would be thrilled to see it explored further. I love Teito very much and it fascinates me to see how his presence in the church (or out of it after he and Frau go off adventuring) changes him and others, either emotionally or in respect to the sudden reappearance of the Eye of Mikhail/descendant of the King of Raggs. Feel free to include more of the denizens of the church than those listed in my request - I love them all.

Aaand, that's enough nattering on from me. You're welcome to poke round my LJ if you want any more ideas about the sorts of stuff that catches my interest. I've also got a mirror site up on Dreamwidth if that's your preferred playground.

I hope that you have as much fun working with one of my prompts as I will waiting to see what you create!

Tags: challenge: yuletide
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