It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

More springkink links

Because I'm clearly not organized enough to post them here as they go up there. *sigh*

The Runner - KH2 Xigbar/Xaldin NC-17 [WWII AU fic!]

A Question of Trust - FFXII/PoTC crossover Jack/Balthier/Vaan G [because you can never have too many pirates]

Teeth and Tails - KH2 Axel/Roxas G [Beware the cute!]

That's 4 down, 11 more to go! (Oi vay).
Tags: challenge: springkink, fandom: ffxii, fandom: kh, fandom: potc, genre: au, pairing: axel/roxas, pairing: jack sparrow/balthier/vaan, pairing: xigbar/xaldin
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