It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Remind me again why I think taking challenges is such a good idea?

*ded* Another batch of springkink links - only three more to go after this! (And nobody ever let me take so many challenges when doing intensive summer school for dead languages again!)

Handy - DN Angel Dark/Daisuke NC-17

Tempting When Wet - FFXII Basch/Vaan G [Bah. Somewhat less than snazzy]

Next Step - Pride and Prejudice Darcy/Bingley [Yes, it is Pride and Prejudice UST. I'm still boggling over it myself]

I'm Not A Locksmith Dammit - DN Angel Daisuke/Satoshi PG-13?

Switch - KH2 Riku/Sora/Kairi G [Prompt was crossdressing on a public date. That pretty much sums this one up]

Moments - FFXII Larsa/Penelo G

Touching - FFVII Don Corneo/Cloud PG-13ish [It's official. Zack owns my soul - and he wasn't even supposed to be in this one dammit!]

Have I mentioned how much I hate titling fics? *makes face* Not that I'm sure you can't tell.
Tags: challenge: springkink, fandom: dn angel, fandom: ffvii, fandom: ffxii, fandom: pride and prejudice, pairing: dark/daisuke, pairing: don corneo/cloud, pairing: larsa/penelo, pairing: riku/sora/kairi, pairing: satoshi/daisuke
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