It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Never Mind, I'll Catch Up as We Go (Never Mind the Buzzcocks, gen)

Title: Never Mind, I'll Catch Up as We Go
Fandom: Never Mind the Buzzcocks Episode 22.11
Characters: Simon Amstell, Martin Freeman, Josh Groban
Rating: PG for language
Word count: 1655
A/N: Written for lyricalnights for the 2012 round of Yuletide. Anyone on my f-list who enjoys British humour and is not easily offended by non-PC jokes should absolutely watch this show. It's quick and snappy and never afraid to poke fun at anything or anyone. You can follow the link above to the first part of the relevant episode.

Summary: Mostly this is just banter. There is nothing in here but banter. Not even gonna pretend otherwise. Post-filming interactions between Simon, Josh and Martin.

On AO3
Tags: challenge: yuletide, fandom: never mind the buzzcocks, i heart martin freeman, pairing: none
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