It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Prezzies for meeeee

You guys, you guys! Guess what awesome thing cassiopeia7 has done?

She has created this beautiful piece of art for my and onceuponarhi's RBB story The Heart of Everything!

[Flailing put under a cut because it's kind of spoilery for the story, I guess?]This piece is just stunning, guys, for serious. I have been reliably informed that there are four million different greens in there to get Jensen's scales and wings looking awesome and shaded and LOVELY. And there is sprawled on the floor Jared, which the world can always do with more of, and he is wearing a VEST and his legs are long and gorgeous, and I want to ruffle his hair. And Jensen's face is so very much a Jensen face while still being, well, dragon face. Eyebrows FTW!

So go look and be delighted and tell cassiopeia7 how much she has delighted you. Go!
Tags: icon is not inappropriate, my internet friends are awesome, psa, verse: heart of everything
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