It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

'Graphic descriptions of medically impossible heart care' may be my favourite story warning to date

YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS. spn_j2_bigbang claims just happened and my summary got picked by the amazingly talented petite_madame! I am so very excited, you have no idea. Nearly did a spit take at my computer screen when I found out, I kid you not. Now I just have to make sure that I can turn the disaster of a rough draft I've got right now into a story that measures up to the fantastic art she's doubtlessly going to produce. :P

I'm pretty stoked about my story this year. It's rather different from my normal fare, so I hope y'all will like it when posting time comes around.

Here's the summary I submitted for artist claims:
There are a lot of tools of Jared's trade: green thread for hope, copper plating for endurance, silver needles for vitality. In a world where heartbreak is a literal condition, it's Jared's job to sew, patch and mend the physical wounds left in people's hearts by lost loves, misunderstandings or betrayals.

When a killer attacks Jensen - the man who's responsible for the purple stain of unrequited love on Jared's heart - and steals half of his broken heart, Jared discovers that a needle and thread, desperation and a sharp scalpel are enough to let him sew part of his own heart onto what's left of Jensen's. But, as Jensen recovers, they both realize that Jared's procedure may have done more than save Jensen's life. His actions will tie them together in a way that goes far deeper than flesh.


There are a whole lot of other author-artist matches that I'm super excited to see happening, too; it's going to be a great bigbang year for sure!


(Also, if I've been a total flake replying to anything recently, I am sorry. It's been a bit of a crazy week or two).
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