It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

My whole life is a work in progress

Wow, it's the end of May. Can someone tell me when that happened?

Once again, I've got waay too many things on my plate because I have no will power and all the comms are far too shiny to pass up. So this is a note for you (and me) to show that I do, in fact, have the intention of writing stuff sometime soonish.

My summer thus far:

May 24 - holmestice submission deadline - DONE!
June 2 - spnspringfling submission deadline - DONE!
As soon as possible - Rockstar!Jensen fundraiser story
Also as soon as possible - Dragon!Jared fundraiser story
Any time from now till June 25 - intoabar posting - DONE!
June 30 - spn_summergen submission deadline - DONE!
August 1 - abo_bigbang draft deadline - DONE!
August 2 - spn_j2_bigbang posting date with the absolutely wonderful petite_madame - DONE!
August 19 - evilsam_spn's Summer of Evil challenge posting day - DONE!


Also, my anime con is next week and I'm going more than slightly mad getting costume stuff done, so there's not much getting done writing wise as a result. When I show you the pictures, I swear you will agree that this is a legitimate excuse.

I'll see everyone in a couple of weeks!
Tags: cosplay, masochist, shut up with your judging, state of the me, working on it
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