It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

I'm only an adult if you judge based on age

Hi-ho LJ! How goes?

Both spnspringfling and holmestice are live and there's some really good stuff up already as well as much more to come. See if you can spot me before the posting ends. *grins*

As promised, I have pictures to show off from my convention! Because I'm shameless like that.

So, my sis and I regularly do matching costumes since it's more fun that way and we look enough alike to make it interesting. This year we did two different versions of Sora from the RPG video game Kingdom Hearts II. I was cosplaying the Wisdom Form and my sister was the Anti Form.

And here they are!

Kind of nifty, huh? ^_^

I hate those wigs SO much, just so everyone knows. I've never spiked wigs before, which made this quite the trial by fire. Not bad for a first attempt, but they really don't look the way I wanted them to, which is irritating. Also, they took at least 10 hours each, which I was totally not expecting. On the plus side, however, they can apparently withstand gale force winds and make great pointy weapons when people are irritating.

I totally dig the shoes came out, though, which were my other major job (these things are always a cooperative effort). Surprisingly comfortable to walk in which, as anyone who does cosplay can tell you, is always a major bonus. Some of the shoes I've worn are unbelievably awful.

All done for another year! Back to writing! *grins*

Also, has everybody seen the trailer for Mark Pellegrino's new series, The Tomorrow People? Looks pretty shiny. Especially when Mark shows up being all evil and awesome. ^_^
Tags: cosplay, rl sort of, shut up with your judging
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