It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

Neverending Story Process

 I have come to a realization. I'm just finishing up my y_c stories to get ready to post them before tomorrow night. Three stories, all really different, but I'm actually quite pleased with them all in different ways.

The thing I find fascinating is, while some of them have been written for nearly two months, I'm still not convinced they're done. This 'final version' concept of finishing things is just so not me - because every time I reread something, I find something to improve. Even with stories I've finished and posted months ago. *pout* Makes me worry about every writing something to publish, since there's no 'Edit Post' button once you've sent something to print.

And that's your random thought of the day. At least one Y_C story will be going up when I get home from work tonight, with the other two to follow soon after. Ja!
Tags: babble
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