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Never with the Flow (BBC Sherlock AU, Sherlock/John preslash) MASTER POST

Title: Never with the Flow
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: gen, Sherlock/John preslash
Rating: R
Word count: 25,650
Warnings: gender stereotyping; male lubrication; mentions of non-con mpreg (case related); mentions of non-con prostitution (case related); masturbation, dub-con kissing
A/N: Written for the 2013 round of abo_bigbang. This is a sequel to No Limited Dimensions. Knowledge of that story is not necessary to read this one, but it likely wouldn't hurt.

Summary: It's hard for John to say which was a bigger culture shock: getting shot (again) and falling into an alternate dimension instead of dying, or meeting Sherlock Holmes. Probably Sherlock Holmes, although discovering that he has an entirely new sexual orientation had been quite a turn up.

Now he's got to deal with a mad flatmate, a society that treats him like he'll break if someone looks at him the wrong way, and a new case involving kidnapped omegas being forced into prostitution rings.

Oh, and he's apparently going into heat. Lovely.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Art Post

Massive thanks to staysthecourse for choosing my story and creating some lovely art! This story didn't leave her with a lot of opportunity for arting, sadly, but she rose up to the challenge like a champ and has created several pieces that really suit the tone and foci of the story. Thanks, staysthecourse! I like to think that our respective crazies matched up well, my dear; it's been a pleasure! Everyone should check out her Art Post for the art included here as well as an extra goodie!

Thanks also and always to oddishly for the beta and Britpick! You've always got my back when it comes to beta reading and I know that everyone appreciates you correcting my unintentional Canadianisms (sofas - who knew?) You're a star!
Tags: challenge: abo-bigbang, fandom: bbc sherlock, genre: au, pairing: none, pairing: preslash, pairing: sherlock/john, verse: drifting under bridges

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