It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

D Gray-Man fic: Evil!AU

Here's my first posted fic for the Halloween mashup on yaoi_challenge.

Title: The Deserving
Prompt: Evil!Main!Characters!AU - Allen/Lavi - "I think we should give them what they deserve, don't you?"
Wordcount: 3575
Rating: PG
A/N: Perhaps not quite as evil as they could be, but (hopefully) much more in character as a result.

Summary: Of gods and men, and what said gods do to keep themselves amused on off days.

( Gods, Lavi hated private petitions. )
Tags: challenge: yaoi_challenge, fandom: d gray-man, genre: au, pairing: allen/lavi
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