It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

PSA - Sherlock story

Hi all! For those who a) missed it and b) give a damn, I've finally posted my Sherlock story for abo_bigbang. *confetti* Also featuring some lovely art by staysthecourse!

Never with the Flow - Sherlock/John preslash gen omegaverse (fuck yeah)
It's hard for John to say which was a bigger culture shock: getting shot (again) and falling into an alternate dimension instead of dying, or meeting Sherlock Holmes. Probably Sherlock Holmes, although discovering that he has an entirely new sexual orientation had been quite a turn up.

Now he's got to deal with a mad flatmate, a society that treats him like he'll break if someone looks at him the wrong way, and a new case involving kidnapped omegas being forced into prostitution rings.

Oh, and he's apparently going into heat. Lovely.

On LJ | On AO3
Tags: challenge: abo-bigbang, fandom: bbc sherlock, genre: au, pairing: none, pairing: preslash, pairing: sherlock/john
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