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First lines meme

Punked from firesign10! Post the first lines from your 21 most recent stories.

I've picked randomly instead of going with the most recent, because I can and because it's more fun that way. The first line is an incredibly important part of any story, so it's interesting for me to look at the various ways I've started stories in the past.

Sooo, how many of them do you recognize (without checking)? Which ones do you like best?

A mix of my current fandoms: Supernatural, J2, BBC Sherlock

1. Vacation, Jensen decided, was something he could get used to.
2. If John could say anything about Sherlock Holmes, it was that he didn't do anything by halves.
3. "Oh my god," Danneel said as soon as Jensen picked up the phone. "I want your boyfriend."
4. Whenever Sam had ever (wistfully, guiltily) tried to imagine it, he'd always figured that them 'settling down' would be more of an accident than anything else.
5. John was used to being wrist-deep in other people's blood.
6. Imaginary Jensen was awesome.
7. Mankind has always possessed an undeniable fascination for the stars.
8. Jared found it profoundly disappointing that being a fearsome pirate didn't automatically exempt one from such unfortunate things as falling in love.
9. Jared was a Bad Guy.
10. Jensen Ackles was an empath.
11. Jared hated the fact that he hated introducing people to his boyfriend.
12. John Watson, Lestrade had noticed, was very good at untying knots.
13. Though he didn't recognize it at the time, John's first clue was the tree.
14. The Earth exploded when Sam was five.
15. Their relationship is maybe more than a little bit strange.
16. Dean fucking hated snow.
17. Sometimes being the ferryman of the dead was a pain in the ass.
18. Jensen's best friend was an asshole.
19. Jared was out of green thread.
20. Dean's jacket was warm.
21. Jared Padalecki failed at life.
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