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You Would Not BELIEVE the Week I've Had

Hi all! I have had one hell of a week. And, since a lot of it is fannish/entertainment oriented, I thought I'd share.


David Bowie Is
Guys. GUYS. This was amazing. It's a massive collection of costumes, records, hand-written lyrics, books, posters, etc. spanning David Bowie's career - much of which was actually given to the exhibit from David Bowie's own personal collection of crazy stuff. His costumes alone were more than worth the price of entry (how many closets must that man own?). Also, I have no idea how he took some of those outfits and made them look good, because they looked weird and clashy and strange on the mannequins, but then you saw the video and he totally pulled it off.

It's not just that the stuff was cool (which it really was), but the way it was presented was fantastic. The exhibit included those audio guide things, except rather than 'push 1 next to this display case' it was automatically triggered by the room you were standing in/things you were standing next to. It played interview snippets, the audio for documentary videos, movie dialogue (for the room dedicated to Bowie's film career) and songs to go with the music videos that they had playing (often next to the costumes he wore for that music video). The rooms were themed and some of them were absolutely stunning. The room for his appearance on Top of the Pops singing 'Starman' had his costume on a mannequin that was stood in a recess that was all mirrors and the video of his appearance was also projected there. It was like seeing the whole thing a dozen times at once. One room was completely dedicated to his costumes; they had them in recesses on the wall that were fronted in mesh and they were projecting a music video against the same wall so you could only see them in fits and starts when the image was dark enough. One room was a recording booth that played that static sound of a closed circuit mic followed by Bowie recording one of his songs.

We spent at least three hours in the exhibit and I can't even begin to describe half the stuff. But seriously. Amazing.


My sister won tickets to the Toronto viewing of the Hobbit Fan Event! The Space Network was there covering the event and giving out prizes for people in costume (amazingly, I was not one. Ask me this time next year if I've got a Hobbit costume, though). We got to see all of the live interview stuff that was streamed on the Internet, but ALSO got 20 minutes of footage from 'Desolation of Smaug'. And it was fucking epic. I don't want to say too much about it because I don't want to spoil people (and it's a waste to try and describe something that's so much cooler to watch), but suffice to say that our selections included spiders (!), the escape from the Mirkwood and Bilbo's first look at Smaug. There was a lot of Bilbo focus in the scenes that Peter Jackson picked, which made me very happy. Because Bilbo is my favourite.

Oh, and we also got an 11" high copy of this poster and limited edition Hobbit shirts (that say Toronto Fan Event and include the date). Mine is, unsurprisingly, too big, but I so totally don't care.

33 days until 'Desolation of Smaug'! *is ridiculously excited*


Oh, my GOD, he is adorable in person. So charismatic and funny and his whole body moves with him when he plays and it's like sex on legs, seriously. He'd hardly even started playing the first song (Mission Bells) when my sister leaned over and said 'he must get laid A LOT'. And it's so true. Also, he had fantastic hair.

There was a woman there who'd brought her children (9 and 12 - I mean, why??) so he was trying to modulate his language. He explained that, in deference to them, most of the show was going to be done in metaphor. He described 'Run' as a song that was about two people playing an intense game of Scrabble with each other. For three days. But, it's usually a duet, so it was going to be more like 'Solitaire'. He kept telling them to cover their ears when he had raunchy stories to tell. And he had many of them. ^_^

During a couple of songs (literally in the middle of the songs), he'd randomly break into other lyrics by different bands. Like the Goo Goo Dolls and U2. For no reason whatsoever.

And speaking of playing other people's music, they played 'Under Pressure' by Queen. And they did it well! His one backup singer actually hit and sustained Freddy Mercury's high note (you know the one), which was amazing. People may or may not knowing that Queen is my favourite band in all ever, which made this doubly awesome. It did, however, make me wish that I could have seen Queen perform it because the amount of POWER in that song when it gets going was enough to make my heart jump.

Matt did troll us a bit, though. His band started the opening of the song and he leaned in with 'Ice, Ice Baby' before promising us that they weren't going to play any Vanilla Ice. Which was an incredible relief. ^_^

My two favourite songs ('Faster' and 'Come on, Get Higher') were the encore, which yay. For 'Faster', he had everyone put their up (I mean right up, goalpost style) and clap along with the verses, then dance around and rock out during the chorus. He had us practice first and made fun of the people at the back who wouldn't join in.

TL;DR: SO MUCH FUN. I would go see him again in a heartbeat.

I got a phone call for an interview on Tuesday while driving to the concert, so I spent Wednesday preparing. Also, I was busy having a cold and being all stuffed up and disgusting. Yay.

God, I hate interviews. *groans*

Also, still sick, though I didn't sneeze all over my interviewers which is totally a win.

As of one hour ago, I have a long-term teaching job! \o/ That starts on Monday. And will involve a hell of a lot of essay marking. What the hell have I done? /o\

Annnd tonight, I'm going to see the new Thor movie. Which I've heard some good things about, so here's hoping I like it more than the last one!

Still sick. Less with the snot, more with the cough. Bugger me. Better be gone by Monday, is all I can say.

Oh god, I hope I'm not doing anything. I'm done.
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