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Behind the curve as ever, but here's my weigh-in on what's happening with me for spn_j2_bigbang this year.

My summary got picked up by washedstone, who is stunningly talented (seriously guys, it's a little ridiculous how these amazing artists keep being willing to work with me) and seems really lovely. I think we're going to be a good match. :)

This year's story = DRAGONS! Because someone's got to represent and everyone else seems to be busy with werewolves and hookers (or both).

This story is actually written for a prompt from usagimc who is quite possibly the most patient person in the world, since she won me in the AO3 Author Action a YEAR AGO. orz Aaand is now going to have to wait even longer for whenever my posting day is. Oops? It's an okay trade-off for a bid for a 3000 word story though, right? Right?

Dragon Kin
All good adventures end with finding treasure, but the last thing that a young Jensen expected was that his treasure would turn out to be a dragon’s egg. Or that the dragon lords would take him from his parents in recompense for his accidental theft. Or that growing up among the tree-dwelling dragon lords would suit him far better than the life he left behind.

Jensen has a friend in Jared, the only son of the high chief, who, aside from certain possessive tendencies in recent months, has always been Jensen’s closest and most trusted companion. Now, however, the dragon lords are facing war with a bronze-winged warrior race that they call harpies and Jensen is going to find himself questioning that lifelong trust as he learns why the dragon lords really took him, what Jared wants from him and just what it means to be Dragon Kin.

Tags: challenge: spn_j2_bigbang, fandom: cwrps, my internet life is awesome, working on it
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